Black Display on POST

By EnayatAshkian ·
Tags: Hardware
System specification:
HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC
Board Born On Date
BIOS Version
BIOS Vendor

System boot manager:
GNU GRUB ver 2.0.4
It is used since many years ago.
OS : UBUNTU and Windows 7
System boot manager and OS last installation date : 2020-02-28

System hardware configuration last change year : 2017
All hardware components including external monitor which is attached via VGA cable are working propertly with same config from some years ago.

1- After plugin power, system will be booted without pressing power button. This issue raised since about 1 year ago.
2- Sometimes system started to type letters randomly and did not get my input using keyboard and mouse. This issue raised since about 1 month ago.
3- Found issue on scanning operation. This issue raised since about 1 month ago.
4- After booting, no display in POST. This issue raised since about 1 month ago.

My workaround:
I think all above problems are input-output issues so BIOS is source of issues. I replaced CMOS battery 1 month ago and issues numbered 1,2,3 solved but isuue numbered 4 is not solved. I try some boots to have booted system successfully.
I checked replaced CMOS battery, it was less than 2 vol and I checked new battery after 1 week use, it was about 3.2 vol, so new battery is OK.
But what to do to solve remained issue (no display in POST) which occures sometimes?
After replacing CMOS battery, I updated BIOS to version F.2D.
But no display in POST issue is not solved and ocuures sometimes and I must do some boot try to have booted up system finally.

What should I do to solve the issue?
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Might be easier and/or cheaper to replace

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Black Display on POST

My suggestion is if the motherboard is 9 years old that it might be time to replace the entire laptop rather than fixing. Sounds like the updates in 2017 did not include a new motherboard and I am not suggesting that you replace the motherboard now. You may be able to swap out some components to a newer system.

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Small world.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Black Display on POST

We have a few dv6 and dv7 machines in the fleet and at this age we would replace. Now if you feel it's software then reload the OSes and find out.

If you feel it's something hardware, share what you think it is. I will write that I might tear it down to replace the heatsink(s) compound then clean and test the fans as I reassemble. But that would be all that I would invest which is under 5 dollars.

PS. I forgot a thing. Be sure all USB and memory cards (SD card) are unplugged during testing as the Insyde BIOS in some versions would hang on boot. HP and Insyde from my encounter with this bug never issued a fix.

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