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Black Friday again

By Oz_Media ·
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Well it's that time of year again for the USA's Black Friday sales.

Hoestly, looking at some of the sales I don't see the incredible bargains that made BF famous, but I'm sure the shopping fever will not be lost.

Just a few words of caution, when visiting WalMart, wait in the back of the line, the front people get tranpled to death.

When in Target, wear a ullet proof vest and don't let your wife argue with someone else or you may end up shot dead.

Becareful, shopping isn't fun anymore, it's a serious, life or death business!

Safe shoppping everyone, better still, stay at home and spend time with the family making crafts.

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Slight correction.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Black Friday again

At Wally, it's the employees who get trampled, not the customers.

I've never understood why people bother with BF. The same stuff is on sale again at the same prices two weeks later, without the requirement of being there at 0400 to get in line.

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That's why...

by GSG In reply to Black Friday again

I shop online. All I have to worry about is a blister on my finger!

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Interesting you mention that

by JamesRL In reply to That's why...

On another forum, someone was asking advise about HD TVs and somewhere along the line found a too good to be true price on a 46 inch LCD from an online merchant. If you buy one locally, you can return it locally. So I suggested if he hadn't any idea of their reputation, that he should google them. Sure enough he found enough people who had customer service issues with them that he found a known name to buy from at a similar price.

I don't think I will be buying anything big online.


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Cheap HDTV's

by Oz_Media In reply to Interesting you mention t ...

One of teh things that made me post was a leaked ad that they will be selling SHARP 42" HDTV's for $ 498 and 46" for $ 898.00 they will also have 46" Panasonic Plasmas at $ 788.00.

As 99.999% of my clients also quote and install LARGE plasma's daily (not myself though), this is a much talked about subject here.

Plasma's are getting so cheap now and are still the preference by most for high-end video in home theatres.

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You can't beat the Plasma price

by AV . In reply to Cheap HDTV's

But they are older technology. I was looking at the Samsung 46" LED TV thats very thin. The picture quality is awesome. The lowest price I've seen is about $1800. I'll be surprised if there is a BF sale on them.


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LCD is getting there

by Oz_Media In reply to You can't beat the Plasma ...

They are getting there, catching up with plasma's (contrast ratio's are increasing, almost true black now, and refresh rates are getting faster) which is why they aren't really building plasma's these days unless for extremely high-end applications. (some theatres I see getting installed are worth more than a house did 5 years ago). You can still see teh difference etwene a cheap LCD and a decent one though, usually contrast ratio alone shows a major difference worthy of the higher price. My pet peeve though is when people don't realise they have to calibrate an CD panel for the room, it's actually a time consumin but VERY important step. Many retailers will display the cheaper panels with no calibration and the more expensive panels will be properly calibrated, making the upsell so much easier. It takes a long time to do the first few times, but is worth every minute you take to tweak teh colour and black levels to the contract ratio for your room.

Home Theatre Mag does a run down each year of the top home theatres in North America that are categorized by price ranges. The top range is now for theatres "Over 2 million" that's for just a HOME THEATRE!! (I've seen then worh a lot more than that too)

They have theatres where they use StarWars characters in a room made to look like the shuttle bay, in which case theu actually hire the star Wars set designer(s)to get them as close to the original as possible.

Some people just have WAY too much money an don't know how to spend it, certainly a class that I do not fit into anyway. :)
I don't really care for mixing McIntosh with B&W speakers, those speakers don't justify the electronics but that's what the installer had availale for them. Another reason to use a installer and buy equipment from various sources instead of an installer that sells product too.

This guy did it right, mixed McIntosh with Meridian speakers!

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I'm still on the outside

by JamesRL In reply to LCD is getting there

I've got a cheapo 19" LCD that I got on a boxing day sale a couple of years back for $175. Its only hooked up to a DVD player for my kids. Unfortunately it doesn't have an HDMI connector, and so my upscaling DVD player won't upscale. Its using composite right now, standard resolution.

My main TV is still a standard resolution flat Toshiba CRT. Its still very bright, very crisp, getting S Video from my satellite receiver. While I've been tempted a few times, until this puppy breaks(its 5 years old) I'm waiting.

The quality of new sets is improving, and personally, the LED backlits to me look the best, better than plasma.


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I'm planning on getting an LCD during the holiday sales.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm still on the outside

The existing main set is a 27" Toshiba. Great unit but I'd like something a bit bigger, say a 32" or 37".

I don't buy into those 'size vs. distance" recommendations I've seen, saying I need a 147" set for the 10' or 12' my sofa is from the set. If I can see on the 27" at those distances, I can certainly see on something larger. Those recommendations must come form the same people who say change your oil every 3000 miles and spend two months salary on an engagement ring.

I haven't started researching any make or model yet. That will give me something to do this weekend.

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Initially it was refresh rate

by Oz_Media In reply to I'm still on the outside

LCD's initially had a horrific refresh rate, action movies and computer games just blurred in fast motion. So much so that they were unwatchable, just as computer LCD screens were at first too, you couldn't game on them due to slow refresh rates.

It is better now, however the plasmas have greater life span and higher contrast ratios, again though, LCD's are getting closer and are much cheaper now.

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by Oz_Media In reply to I'm still on the outside

I agree with the 'need bigger set' flacies, you don't NEED a huge set at all, but you know how people are, "mine's bigger than yours"

What I don't agree with is dismissing the need to change your oil ever 3000 miles. I've seen teh end result of both frequent and infrequent changes and YES more frequent changes make engines last longer.

I usually don't go 5000kms 93100 miles) between changes, mostly HWY driving, 30% city perhaps (my truck has an onboard that starts whining if I don't change the oil anyway). I figure for less than $15 and abotu 20 minutes, I don't mind saving teh engine.

Of course it depends on your driving too, hotter places need more frequent changes, more stop and start, how long you warm it up for in the morning etc. all make a difference. Normally I find people should change it even more often that I do.

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