black monitor

By danalynn63 ·
Im running windows XP on an emachines computer which is 3 years old 2400+ AMD Athlon 3D ProSavage

The problem is : yesterday I noticed my desktop picture was dark and garbled. I tried different desktop images and it wasn't the problem. So I checked my settings that was 1074x768 16 bit or something like that. they were the same as always. so I tried updating video driver...still problem so i rolled it back. I took out my restore Cd that came with computer and went to drivers video and reinstalled the factory driver that came with computer. it said i had to reboot for setting to take effect. I did and screen never came back. it is black . no bios flash, cant get into bios, nothing it is just black and blank. computer ha all fans working and the little beep and when i turned it off it even did the little windows chime...but nothing on screen!!! pUT IN RESTORE cD SCREEN just black still. couldnt see anything come up saying anything. I connected my monitor to daughters laptop and there was graphics like her desktop image and everything but it was all very dark. Also before my screen went black i tried to set brightness but OSD box was black listing no settings. it also did the same thing on daughters laptop when i hooked it to hers... please help I can usualyy fix these things when its software or such but I need to DEE IT to do so LOL

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Sounds like

by Michael Jay In reply to black monitor

your monitor is dieing, to be sure see if you can get another monitor to attach to your computer and if you are still blank you may need a new video card.

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Thank you

by danalynn63 In reply to Sounds like

someone gave me an old 1997 IBM monitor and I connected and waaaalaaahhh you were right. Im back on and many thanks to you. Its very nice of you to spend time helping a complete stranger. you are very appreciated :)

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No Problem

by Michael Jay In reply to Thank you

As long as you are willing to turn the screwdriver most of the folks at TechRebublic are more than happy to provide a little assistance.

good luck to you.

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