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Black Screen

By xtrm302 ·
Game froze while playing, had to manually power down. system will not reboot, no video...I am suspecting power supply, and or video card. I have had a power supply go south before with similar behavior, in which it destroyed my boot drive. Any info gladly appreciated. My pc is a home build.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Black Screen

Well a little more information here wouldn't go astray either like the Make and Power Rating of the PS and what's it driving.

If after you unplug the Mains lead and leave for a couple of minutes and then replug in the mains lead nothing happens I would suspect the PS being faulty and replace it with a Known Good One with a reputation of being Great PS's something like a Antec 400 W or better. Many of the cheaper Power Supplies don't have the correct rating on them and cost far more than a decent Power Supply when they fail because they do damage inside the case.

The worst experience that I've ever seen of this was in a no name PS in a server less than 2 weeks old that allowed Mains Power in to he case and out across the Network Lines that killed instantly everything directly connected to the LAN.

On the other side with an Antec PS I've seen an incident where a tree fell onto overheat power lines and allowed the high Voltage into contact with the mains and while the PS dies spectacularly it didn't do any damage to the internals of the computer just killed the PS. I wouldn't recommend this treatment but it's nice to know that they offer this type of protection.


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by Bulletsponge In reply to Black Screen

You're on the right track from my experience. Try reseating the video card and PSU connections. If it starts to power up and beeps at you, that's the post failing and will possibly be the video card. Your mother board will probably have an online manual where you can troubleshoot the fault by the type of beeps it gives off.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Black Screen

Is the fan on the PS spinning? Is the HDD spinning on boot? If not, then the PS may be faulty.
If it is booting, but just no video, try reseating your RAM, add-in cards. Also, try resetting your BIOS and/or swapping to another video card.

Do you have an on-board card, or a built onto the MB card? If your system has both and the add-in card goes bad, this can happen without beeps on some machines. Try switching the monitor cable to the other card and see if your video comes up.

If not the PS and this did not help, try flashing your BIOS. If it will not boot to the Bios disk, then your MB may be having a problem.

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by w2ktechman In reply to

I think that you may be right. After all of that, my next guess is the MB or processor. Although from past experiences, the processor should last beyond the MB. I have personally seen an AMD chip plugged in incorrectly. Smoke almost instantly. the socket was burned beyond repair, the MB shorted out in several places, the processor worked on a different MB for 2 more years, before disbanded.

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by xtrm302 In reply to Black Screen

Now, I have tried a new power supply and a newvid help. I am thinking its the cpu now. Evidence of artic silver on the waffer/ cpu... Any thoughts?

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by xtrm302 In reply to Black Screen

Gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra, 2 512 non ecc Crucial,1 Sata 80G cuda (main), 1 200G cuda, 9800 PRO, Audigy 2 Platinum, dual nec burners, BRAND new Antec 500 PS, with all the new features.. Having a friend try my cpu on his athlon xp system. Either cpu or mobo dead. I did find artic silver 5 on the waffer part of cpu... NO POST NO BEEP, fans turn, HD screen...

Will update tonite.

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