Black Screen After Login & Random Freezes?

By Tyharo ·
I have an Asus G72 laptop and I have been having minor problem that have become more constant all of a sudden. My first problem is I get a black screen after I login. I am able to access the task manager and launch programs but my desktop remains black for a few minute then it pops to life and the desktop loads. The second problem is that my laptop freezes up usually when multitasking (in a game and voice chatting at the same time), the screen freezes and all sound becomes a gurgled mess. I have to force my computer to turn off I have only had one time when it unfroze. I have ran a disk check, several registry cleaner, and fragments and nothing has fixed these problems. Is there any way to fix this or is there something corrupted and my best bet is to back up everything on my external and format the drive?

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Download the Ultimate Boot CD free here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Black Screen After Login ...


And test your Hardware. It's possible that you may have a Hardware issue. Pay particular attention to the HDD, Video, RAM Diagnostics as these are the most likely things that will cause issues.

Also if everything tests as OK use one of the better Defraging Programs available and do not rely on the utility built into Windows.


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Reponse To Answer

by Tyharo In reply to Download the Ultimate Boo ...

Thanks that fixed the black screen issue and later after posting i found that the freeze was being created by the program steam which i run all my games from, it has a bug in the voice chat system.

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Bad hard drive sector

by Paper_boy558 In reply to Black Screen After Login ...

The problem may be a bad sector on your hard drive, You could try backing up all your data then do a low level format. The easiest way to do this is to use a old windows xp disc and select the normal NTFS format option (The one that does not have "quick" in brackets).

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Probably RAM

by pdelaguardia87 In reply to Black Screen After Login ...

Normally when you install RAM sticks with different speeds or manufacturers you get lockups specially when doing RAM heavy activities such as gaming. Now since you have a laptop i suppose you havent replaced any of the sticks and that is why im not totally sure that RAM is the problem. Anyway to be sure download the Ultimate boot cd or any other utility that allows you to diagnose RAM.

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Black Screen after login and Random Freezes

by ContactChrisDirect In reply to Black Screen After Login ...

We got this exact symptom on a New Dell. It looked like the 'known' Dell RAM issue, however, what we did was to obtain a factory loaded replacement hard drive (none of our software was installed, yet), swapped it out with the current hard drive, and it did not have the symptoms. So we added one program and tested, found no issues, so then loaded another program. . . .It turned out that we had good RAM memory, but not enough. One of our programs (3D mapping) recommended a minimum of the total amount that we had installed, so when several programs were running what we had was not enough memory.

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SP1 fixed mine

by RaceTrout In reply to Black Screen After Login ...

I had the same thing with my Dell Optiplex 755. I aquired my PC with Win XP 32 bit installed and Office 2007. I "upgraded" to Win7 64 bit (which is more like a full install rather than an upgrade) and Office 2010. After that randomly (usually not more than once a week) the screen saver would be running, I would log in and then nothing. The box would respond to PING and if I RDP'd to it it would attempt to connect and just hang as well. I researched and never found anything on this.
I installed SP1 when it 1st came out and it has not occured since.
Your mileage may vary.

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