Black Screen and Cursor after Win7 64bit Boot.

By Draygonia ·
Just today, I came back to my computer to find that my HDMI input went blue for no reason! After troubleshooting to no avail, I switched to VGA and was able to get it to work.

Now, after Win7 loads and brings me to the main accounts screen, all I can see is my mouse cursor and nothing else.

I am currently in safe mode and I have rolled back my video drivers, but still am unable to get it to boot regularly.

Did a spybot and ad-aware scan and I don't think it is a virus.

I would hate to think it is my video card, but I recently (about 3 weeks ago) installed one and was not sure if my 850 watt power supply was enough to support 2 ATI 5850s. I don't think that is the issue either, but perhaps my PSU finally had enough...

Anyways, I am just sitting here trying to figure out what to do... Thankfully I can move my entire computer to a backup drive if need be, but I would like to avoid that.

Also, there are no backups or restore points... apparently that is not an automatically enabled feature on Win7.

Any help is appreciated.

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A couple things for starters.

by seanferd In reply to Black Screen and Cursor a ...

"Did a spybot and ad-aware scan and I don't think it is a virus."

These are not virus or comprehensive malware scanners. They only address the eponymous issues. Scan with your AV, and with Malwarebytes as well - one of the best malware tools available.

"was not sure if my 850 watt power supply was enough to support 2 ATI 5850s"

Find out before you potentially destroy expensive hardware. Note that most PSUs declare a wattage that is peak, unsustainable wattage. Consider everything the PSU is powering.

So, Safe Mode VGA works normally, does it?

Try re-seating the cards. Try pulling one card or the other and see how it boots.

But noting that you see a mouse cursor, this might be a Windows problem, and not video. Do the malware scans. If that doesn't help, do a non-destructive repair install of Windows.

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by Draygonia In reply to A couple things for start ...

Thanks for the reply. I have installed and quick scanned with Malwarebytes (currently doing full scan). Nothing detected.

As for the power source... I actually have a 750 watt power source... with an i7 920 intel (overclocked 30%) with liquid cooling and an x-25 80 gb intel SSD. Dvd player and a couple of big fans. 6 GB of DDR3 RAM. I am thinking 750 is probably not sufficient, but let me know what your suggestions are. Thanks.

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I would just use the PSU calculator

by seanferd In reply to Done

at the Antec link I posted.

It is quite possible that overclocking is your problem here.

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RE: I am thinking 750 is probably not sufficient

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Done

This all depends on who made the PS. If it's a No Name Brand then you are right it's probably not enough and is now unstable.

If it's a Name Brand like Antec who list the Constant Draw and not Peek Values of the PS then it's more than enough. As suggested above check with the Antec PS Calculator for what is required for your system. Remember that using Video Cards in Crossfire Mode needs to be taken into account as well as the number of HDD's, CPU Power Draws and so on.

There are two types of PS those rated to Peek Values which means that they can supply the listed Wattage for short periods of time before needing to drop back to a lower power output and those rated to what they can deliver 100% of the time.

The cheap no name units are those rated to Peek Values and no where near as good as those rated to 100% delivery.


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Corsair Power Supply

by Draygonia In reply to RE: I am thinking 750 is ...

The power supply is a name brand corsair, which I would hope would be sufficient, but as another poster said, its overclocked 30% (by CyberpowerPC).

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by Draygonia In reply to Corsair Power Supply

After wiping the drive clean... I figure it is either the video drivers or the windows update and currently I have a thread started on the ATI forums to find out. Thanks for the help guys!

Also... I just bridged both my graphics cards for crossfire... apparently the performance boost I didn't notice really wasn't there! lol.

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Corsair should be OK

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Corsair Power Supply

But like anything it could be related to the Overclocking or it could just be because of junk on the Mains that the PS has taken a Hit and is no longer working properly.

The better PS's are designed to protect the insides of the case from the Mains so they stop or at least try to prevent any internal damage from Spikes and other Transients on the Mains.

Some people see this as not being as good because they die more often than the cheap no name brands which just pass everything inside the case and degrade the components on the M'Board.

The cheap ones tend to keep working even when the computer is destroyed and it doesn't matter that they are responsible for destroying the computer because they keep working many people see them as Better.

You may need to switch the PS here and see if that makes a difference and then you can look at your Warranty on the PS. Here the Corsair PS's have a 3 year Warranty so it may be worth checking your end to see if it's covered by a Warranty.


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