Black Screen/Dead Keyboard on my HP dv7-3160us Windows 7

By cheryl329 ·
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ok, so here's my issue: I bought my laptop in 2004. It had heating issues a few months ago; I took it to Staples. Diagnosis: fan was dead (which I figured as much) & the thermal paste was, according to the tech guy, quite a mess. I got it back 3/13/13, paid $249 for the diagnosis, new security software, & the fix. Probably a bit much, but I was desperate as all my music & pictures are on that HP (meanwhile I bought a Gateway on ebay, which I'm using again now, but I digress)..All was well with the HP..until last Tues. I used it Monday nite, shut down, and turned it on again Tues morning and got...nothing.

When I turn it on, I can hear the fan BUT the screen is black & the keyboard doesn't respond. The dvd drive responds (well, the drawer opens & closes, but it's still not playing the dvd). The "touch" buttons on the upper row are lit, but when I type, there is no response. I've tried almost EVERYTHING (I'm not about to "bake" my laptop) -- I discharged it; I removed the adapter & left it on in its non cooperative state to drain the battery; My next plan is to discharge overnite & try again in the morning.

I'm dreading another trip to Staples (they charge $90 to even LOOK at it); I know a new laptop is in my future (again), but I still want the contents from the HP hard drive. I saw a USB dual hard drive dock on ebay..if I invest in that, can I use it to back up the HP hard drive to an external one (I have a new 1 TB for that purpose, just never got around to it).

Aside from that, is there any other option I may be missing where I can retrieve the hard drive? Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer...

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If the PC won't boot, then removing the drive is the only option

by robo_dev In reply to Black Screen/Dead Keyboar ...

The most common fault of HP DV7s that the GPU soldering on the motherboard is faulty...there was a class action lawsuit for that issue that ended long ago. It's partly due to the switch to lead-free solder a few years back.

Companies will perform what is called a GPU reflow procedure for that mobo for $40 USD (must send them motherboard).

If you're handy you can do the reflow yourself with a toaster-over or a heat gun, as there are YouTube videos about that. I have personally fixed two of these machines with a heat gun.

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Well provided that you do not have any Encryption enabled

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Black Screen/Dead Keyboar ...

Fitting the drive to the listed caddy should work.

But if you enabled Encryption in 7 then you'll need to do something else as you will be unable to read any data on the drive. Well at least you'll be able to see Data Files but they will be unreadable as that is what Encryption is supposed to do.


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