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    Black screen in Window XP


    by hdasilva ·

    Came home sat down at my computer and notice that I had symantec saying I have a W32.SUPOVE.WORM.
    Norton antivirus said delet failed quarantine failed. Got information on the internet on how to remove virus. Explained that I needed to go to menu /run and type msconfig
    Change to reboot to safe mode. Made the changes computer asked to reboot. Rebooted, now I can’t get windows running. Tryed to reboot with F8 and boot in safe mode. Tryed to reboot from CD F12 I keep getting blank screen. Did a boot on Cd and repair. Still nothing. Can you help. I do not want to reinstall window XP in fear that it will erase important files I have in my document folder.
    Is there a way I can reload window xp without deleting any files I saved on my hardrive.

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