Black Screen on laptop

By DonDefy ·
Hi there as you can see I am new here bit ill try to be as specific as possible.

I have an ASUS G1S, not so long ago I was rushing of to work and forgot to turn it off or plug it in, I had it set up so that it would go into sleeping mode if left unplug and there is only 10% ?battery life? left. Once I came back from work I realised that the laptops indicator that it is asleep was off meaning that it drained all the power from the battery, under this assumption, without even checking, I plugged it into the mains and let the battery recharge.

Later in the evening, after it was fully charged and the indicator light for charging was off I turned it on. The screen was not coming on but you could hear the "booming" sound as it turns on, and the ASUS sing comes on, on the led display in the top left.

As it stands I have found one solution on Google for it, removing the battery + unplugging it and letting the bios to reset. That did not help (

Do you have any ideas how to fix it?? My last resort is the warranty but I don?t wont to loose data, I have a lot of important documents and papers on and a whole library in rar files ( If all fails I will be forced to use the warranty. does any one know how to extract this data form my hard drive without damaging the warranty?

P.S. I forgot to add it was running Windows Vista

P.S.S. On side note, is any one familiar with a chipset SiS630 and PiLZ pitop15 (touch screen). If so could tell me the max resolution I can get on that?

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Check all your laptop's Fn function keys ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Black Screen on laptop

There is a possibility (no matter how slim) that when the system ran out of power while unattended - it may have invoked the Function of switching the laptop monitor OFF.

On my laptop, it would be covered by the use of Fn+F5 or Fn+F6.

As regards your warranty query, it might be worth knowing that all laptop warranty repairs allow for the removal of the laptop HDD prior to returning it for repair. This is a detail of warranty often overlooked by owners, but if you were to query this with your warranty repair company they would inevitably HAVE TO admit that there is no requirement on the part of the owner to leave the HDD in place when the system is returned.

UNLESS the fault is software-based.

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by DonDefy In reply to Check all your laptop's F ...

I have my doubts with this "Function of switching the laptop monitor OFF." Wouldn't that function be "reset" if the power from the laptop is completely removed for nearly 9 hours? (I.e. no battery or mains power supply)

P.S but ill give it a try once i get home ^^

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Nope ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Doubts

The Fn+x function switch is a HARDWARE switch.

Well, strictly speaking it's a SOFT hardware switch, but denial of power will not make it return to 'normal'. Just as, if you connect an external monitor to a laptop, then using the Fn+ function, you switch the display to ONLY the external monitor - if you switch the laptop off and remove the external monitor then switch the laptop back on - you'll end up with NO DISPLAY because the laptop still thinks that it's supposed to drive all output to the external monitor.

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by ericswain In reply to Nope ...

That's not entirely true, I would have to agree with you in regards to Win 98-2000 and maybe even XP sp1 or lower but with SP2 through Vista Multi Monitor Support has been drastically improved and monitor detection will switch back automatically when no power is moving from an external monitor to the laptop. This might simply be a resetting issue.

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On the side note

by DonDefy In reply to Black Screen on laptop

Just wondering would the reset button on the bottom erase my hard rive?

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it sounds like

by Sue T In reply to On the side note

the laptop is booting so why not try connecting an external monitor to see if that works. You would then be able to back up your data. Or you could remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer to retrieve your data.
Good luck.

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More Info

by DonDefy In reply to it sounds like

I tried the fn thing, didnt work. Screen swap didnt work either. I don't want to remove the HDD since that will void the warranty. Any other ideas?

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Removing the drive will void the warranty?

by seanferd In reply to More Info

That's crazy. Are you absolutely sure about this? There have to loads of business users who could not possibly leave a drive in a laptop as it would be a security issue, and quite possibly also be a violation of various laws.

Edit: I've read the manual - removing the HDD does, in fact, void the warranty (at least according to the manual). Ridiculous!

Strange then that they should also list on their site <i>compatible drives</i>.

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"Screen swap"

by seanferd In reply to More Info

Would that be hooking up another monitor? If not, try it.

Filled Sun Icon (F5):
Decreases the display brightness
Open Sun Icon (F6):
Increases the display brightness
LCD Icon (F7): Toggles the display panel ON and OFF. (On certain models; stretches
the screen area to fll the entire display when using low resolution modes.)
LCD/Monitor Icons (F: Toggles between the Notebook PC?s LCD display and an
external monitor in this series: Notebook PC LCD -> External Monitor -> Both. (This
function does not work in 256 Colors, select High Color in Display Property Settings.)
NOTE: Must connect an external monitor ?before? booting up.
Fn+C: Toggles ?Splendid Video Intelligent Technology? function ON and OFF. This allows switching between different display color enhancement modes in order to improve contrast, brightness, skin tone, and color saturation for red, green, and
blue independently. You can see the current mode through the on-screen display (OSD).

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Key Shortcuts

by DonDefy In reply to "Screen swap"

I can?t use any key shortcuts including "fn" since I?m 90% sure that the bios is not loading. I tried an external monitor but I didn?t try booting with an external monitor, ill give it a go but I have my doubts.

Thanks for more thorough brake down of hot keys.

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