black screenig and crashing when launching games (post fx and 3d related?)

By hyperdrive12 ·
issue started today after playing black ops cold war zombies with some mates, i died and then alt tabbed while i wated for the round to be over. when i respawned i was still alt tabbed and when i clicked back onto my primary monitor both my screens went black and my gpu fans went to 100%.

ever since then i havent been able to launch or play much of any game. i have been able to get to the CW title screen once, play a single game of training grounds in R6 siege and get to the doom eternal title screen. but as soon as i would press on zombies in the title screen or try and play doom eternal it would black screen as stated above. ive tried reinstalling gpu drivers after a DDU, verifying all game files for all games tested and removing all gpu and cpu overclocks .

original post:
i have tried almost everything i can think of including driver updates, windows updates, reset ocs, different ram configs, no xmp, scan for malware, DDU and reinstall gpu drivers
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Given what we've done so far in the other discussion.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to black screenig and crashi ...

It's time to pull the boot drive out, pop in a good blank drive to do a barebones clean install to figure out if this is hardware.

I see the usual trouble-making Seagate but that usually doesn't cause this but does give machine fits over performance and sometimes, bluescreens.

The number of NETWORK alterations gives me pause too since many games use networking and the game could be hanging up as the game network connections are being made. Let's hope that's it as that can be fixed and the clean barebones OS install will work. Not that this is definite but it's something I've seen.

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Make it smaller

by BOB.B In reply to black screenig and crashi ...

Disconnect one of the monitors.
Turn off xmp.
Disconnect all disk but the 970 evo.

Post a link to a speccy after that is done.

Run this and post a link to the results.

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