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Black & White Inkjets

By Jenni77 ·
Is it possible to buy a strictly black and white inkjet printer? If so, what is the best brand? I have been searching online all day, and haven't found anything.

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by je27 In reply to Black & White Inkjets

I doubt you'll find a B/W inkjet. I deal almost exclusevly with HP and as far as I know their last B/W model went out of production somewhere around 8 years ago. The closest thing you'll probably find is a low dollar laser, but this may not work for your application. May I ask why you want a B?W inkjet?

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by je27 In reply to

Sounds to me like you would be much better off in both performance and cost to go with a low-end to mid-range laser, depending on your volume. Figure an an estimate of your volume and compare that to the life expectancy volume of any printer you consider purchasing. That should give you an idea of how much bang your getting for your buck.

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by Jenni77 In reply to Black & White Inkjets

we have a user that prints out alot of white papers for his clients, and he hates wasting the color ink. He thought maybe if we could find him a b/w inkjet, the speed would be much faster. His current inkjet will not print if you take out the color cartridge. He has other printers he can use if he needs to print color,

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Black & White Inkjets

look for a printer with separate color and black and white cartridges. you may have to leave the color cartridge in place unused. change the printer driver properties to only print in black and white and to print in draft/economy mode by default. look at the specs for laser and inkjet for cost per page for text documents and for speed for black and white docs in regular and draft mode. then pick fastest and cheapest to operate he can afford...

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by TheChas In reply to Black & White Inkjets

Hp still offers an Inkjet that can be setup with just a black cartridge.

The Deskjet 3520 comes with a 3 color cartridge that can be replaced with a black cartridge.


Keep in mind that these low end printers are not designed for high volume printing.

How much printing does this user do?

It may make a lot more sense to get a low end black and white laser printer.

Most likely, the lower cost per page for a low end laser will pay for the purchase cost difference in a few months.


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by grbeckmeyer In reply to Black & White Inkjets

I think sgt_shultz was on to the easiest solution. I have an Epson at home and there is an option in the driver to print color or Black. Chances are there you have a similar option. While I would agree that for a large volume a low-end laser would be more suitable, I would suggest just changing the defaults on the driver for now to see how that works.

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by joortman In reply to Black & White Inkjets

Simply set the color printer to only print black and white. Most manufacturers setup the printers so that you can add a black ink tank to the side where the color one is supposed to go. This will definitely only give you B&W.

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by gsancataldo In reply to Black & White Inkjets

Hi Jenn,

A low cost lazer is your best bet. Have a look at both Brother and Kyocera for the lowest running cost. A low end laser is cheaper to run, has a faster output, infinately longer life and better text printing on standard paper stocks (no bleeding etc).


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