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Blackberry Desktop Manager synch error with Outlook 2010

By pcwow ·
I was watching the news yesterday and was not at all surprised when the CEO of BP was very calm and composed (no to say cynic) when they asked him about the situation of the spill... "I did not receive the memo"...
Well, at RIM it seems to be the same story, they DON'T know that MS has released the BETA of Office 2010 for at least 6m and now the RETAIL version is out for ALL users. No word from Tech Support on when the update will be available to the VAST number of companies and single users that so desperate need it!
Should we also start a count down as well for the fix of the sync?
More and more people are upgrading to the Office 2010 not knowing that they are going into a "spill" of incompatibilities that sooner or later will reach their beaches...
This is why american Corporations are going down, they get to a place where they think they are untouchable, but when something like this happens the fall is so hard that they can't recover whithout SERIOUS damage.

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BDM sync error with Outlook 2010

by patrick In reply to Blackberry Desktop Manage ...

I agree that there is no excuse for RIM not to have a version of the BDM that can sync with Outlook 2010. They've had more than enough time to have one ready, seeing as the developers edition has been out for quite a while.
However, comparing this to the worst environmental disaster in US history is ridiculous. Also, stating that "This is why american Corporations are going down" ruins your entire argument. BP is a British company and RIM is Canadian.
Oops !

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This is exactly my point.

by pcwow In reply to BDM sync error with Outlo ...

Disaster is disaster. Make it "worse" than other is just how it affect you directly or indirectly...
When I refer to "American Corporation" that means anyone operating in USA, under the laws and regulation dictated by our goverment.
I hope you at least got the main point: They all careless what you think or do as long you keep on buying from them!

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Time for us to Look Elsewhere

by howardjcohen In reply to This is exactly my point.

I too have the problem and it is maddening. Especially when you can't contact RIM directly to try to get answers. My next phone WIL NOT be a Blackberry!!

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