BlackBerry Exchange Email Validation

By Chrae ·
We have a few users in the company that have BlackBerry's and receive their work e-mail on their devices. For the longest time they could stay connected to the mail server and they never had to re-validate their account information.

We now have a weekly task that runs every Saturday night which defrags Exchange, and ever since that has been running, our user's have been receiving messages on their devices saying that they need to re-validate their account information to continue receiving their work e-mail.

It's more of a nuisance for them than a problem, but I was wondering if there is a way to avoid this? I've found a few obscure articles about this on the Web, and they're stating that this task we run on Saturday night is high-priority, and during this time when their phones try polling for new e-mails, the polling cycle fails because it is considered a reduced-priority process. After it fails, then the user needs to re-validate their account.

Does anybody know a possible workaround for this, or how I can go about changing the priority of the polling process?

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