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Blackberry & Meeting Requests...

By Tom.Murasky ·
Does anyone know how, if possible at all, to accept/decline a meeting invitation on a Blackberry?

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Blackberry & Meeting Requ ...

I think you just open it, click the wheel and select either accept or decline. [even with comments if you choose]

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by Tom.Murasky In reply to Blackberry & Meeting Requ ...

....If you're not going to answer the question.... don't post a reply!

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Questions and answers

by Cactus Pete In reply to dpektrak....

I thought it was valid as an answer. If it wasn't good enough, perhaps you'll consider posting in the Technical Q&A section of TR.

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dpetrak is correct

by amcol In reply to Questions and answers

Assuming you're running MS/Outlook, all you have to do is open the e-mail containing the meeting request, click the trackwheel to bring up the menu, and you'll see entries for "Accept Invitation" or "Decline Invitation". Click on the one you want and you're done.

dpetrak is also correct that you can add comments.

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Sorry dpetrak....

by Tom.Murasky In reply to Blackberry & Meeting Requ ...

I didn't see your reply. I don't have the option anywhere. I am running Desktop Mgr. 4.0 on a 7250.

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On the device itself?

by Cactus Pete In reply to Blackberry & Meeting Requ ...

You mean within desktop manager or on the device?

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Yes It Is

by ian.lockwood In reply to Blackberry & Meeting Requ ...

I run a Blackberry Service for 40 devices through a BES server linked to an Exchange 2000 email system. I know that meeting requests can be accepted and instigated from a Blackberry handheld

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Meeting Requests

by gbaker In reply to Blackberry & Meeting Requ ...

If you have Blackberry Enterprise server you can accept or decline meeting invitations. This works for Notes or Exchange.

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Accept or decline meetings from the Blackberry

by rvalleau In reply to Meeting Requests

In order to have the ability to accept or decline meetings from the Blackberry handheld you must have wireless calendar enabled in the Desktop Manager.

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Does this work between BES and non BES users?

by rob In reply to Accept or decline meeting ...

I have a similar problem. I run a small BES server on Exchange 2003 (win 2003 SBS). A non BES user sent a meeting request to a BES user, who accepted the meeting request on his BB. The non BES user can see the meeting request in his calendar, and the BES user cannot (in his Outlook, on his laptop). I read above that wireless calendar must be enabled (which I think it is, as the BES user makes appt's from his handheld and they do appear on his desktop).

Is there anything else to check? Does this only work between wireless BES users?


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