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    BlackBerry Message Failure


    by sgandenberger ·

    I have a BlackBerry users that can’t e mail to a particular domain from his BlackBerry, but can e mail this domain sucessfully from his computer. He can e mail other domains successfukky from the BB. We are running BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and other BlackBerry users are able to e mail the domain in question successfully. The failed messages are rejected almost immediately and they never appear in the users Outlook/Exchange mailbox. Each attempt creates 3 errors on the Exchange Server. 2 Event ID’s 20000 and 1 Event ID 20097. The Microsoft Knowledge Base really didn’t help me on this. I am leaning toward a problem with a filter, but I don’t know how to prove it. Does anyone have any suggestions or does anyone know how to troubleshoot a failed message that only appears on the BlackBerry?

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      Ever find a solution?

      by abeuhring ·

      In reply to BlackBerry Message Failure

      Did you ever find a solution to this problem? We are having the same issue only people can’t send to our own domain.

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