Blackberry security

By rlp1029 ·
Is my Blackberry secure? Is it possible that my contact lists could be downloaded from my Blackberry without it being physically out of my possesion? Or is the other more likely?? If someone had access to my ATT account on-line could the devieces contact list be accessed this way?? This has happened to me and I'm trying to figure out how?

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Well you could have a Key logger on the computer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blackberry security

That you access your ATT account with and things got out that way.

Or someone could have Freaked your Handset.

Or maybe there was a simple mistake and your contacts list got sent out to someone else.

There are many possibilities involved here but no certain way to suggest anything.

If it is of vital importance contact the companies Security Department for them to start an investigation to what has happened, or if there is something really nasty involved contact the proper authorities in your country about Fraud.


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Good advice..

by rlp1029 In reply to Well you could have a Key ...

Thanks for your input.. No other access on any computers I'm using?? What do you mean by "Freaked" my handset? I'm thinking this is an issue for BlackBerry security..

thanks again.

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OK First thing is I'm no Blackberry Security Expert

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Good advice..

But this is all just basic Cell Phone Security 101.

When someone Freaks a Handset they effectively copy it and in the case of Cell Phones this is used to make phone calls free. But with the advent of the 3 G Phone Network and maybe a previous version which allowed Internet Access it is possible to remotely catch the contents of the handset and use it again for Access that you don?t pay for. This can be Internet or Phone these days and is a very common occurrence with Blue Tooth Handsets when the Blue Tooth is enabled as a person passes within range of an open Access Point the contents of the Phone can be stolen.

Now Blackberry is a bit different but still works on similar principals though with a better Security Model it is still possible. The point here is if your Contacts List has got out of your control just how badly are you affected by the loss. That is what will be the overriding question asked by Legal Authorities here and if it is substantial they will act but if it is only minor they are less likely to act but again it all depends on who you strike on the day when you make the complaint. Some will get worked up over very little and another person up to their eyeballs in Paperwork will not see a 20 Million $ loss as major.

But again it all depends on what has happened here.

However never over look the possibility of a Human Screw Up. The more complicated that things get the easier it is for a mistake to be made and Honest Mistakes are generally not worth pursuing as there is no intent to do anything wrong or inflict a Loss.


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