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I have a Blkbry Curve. I have had for a good amount of time now and it has worked ok. I recently moved locations and had to reinstall Blkbry Desktop Manager but because of timing I installed the one version that was on my installation disc and left upgrading for a later time.
It continued to work but I do like the capabilities of the 4.5-4.6 versions so I got a chance a couple of weeks ago to upgrade. Since then when I connect the device to the pc all I get is "Connected to Desktop" message on the device. It does not synch it does not move forward, only the recharge is working. I see others have had this problem in the past but no where can I find a solution.
I have repaired and reinstalled Desktop, I have changed USB cables, but none of it works but I biggest worry is my calendar that is partly setting on my desktop and partly setting on my device. Can anyone assist? Thank you.

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All you need to do here is remove the current Installation

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blackberry: Sych Problem ...

Reinstall the older working Version of the Blackberry Application and then plug in the phone and it should be OK to go.

When you go back to the older Version it should sych up and transfer what is required to the Phone from the Computer and update the Computer at the same time.


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Still no Synch

I have to say this problem is driving me crazy. I am beginning to believe the problem is not with the Desktop Manager but with the device but I would feel more comfortable to get agreement from someone else. Can you tell me if I am going along the correct path of inquiry here. Thanks.

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Blackberry Fix

by Nimmo In reply to Blackberry: Sych Problem ...

Get rid of the Blackberry and get an Windows Mobile device or iPhone LOL, just kidding I'm just over configuring Blackberry's to work with Exchange.

Stupid question but have you re-run the sync setup? Remove the old profile and run it again.

Otherwise like OH Smeg said uninstall then re-install but this time make sure you remove all files/folders and registry entries.

Their may be some issue you are having with the old version not over riding registry values from the newer version that you installed.

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re: Blackberry Fix

by Jay217 In reply to Blackberry Fix

Before you remove the old profile make sure to back it up, I believe there is an option to back up the device within the desktop manager.

Is your company using Exchange? If so you should be able to goto and get it to sync everything from there. I think it pulls in the entire mailbox.

Otherwise remove the profile, remove all the blackberry software from your pc, and reinstall the version that works.

When you downloaded the black berry desktop did you get it from blackberry or from your providers website? They are almost the same and usually work either way, but its worth checking.

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Removing the Profile

by In reply to re: Blackberry Fix

No exchange here as I have a small business and do not have an exchange or other email/blkbrry expert available. I use my simple Outlook and do not want to move up unless I can work with someone or group that can provide us with the installation support needed for that. Ok, finished yapping and complaining, can you give me instructions on removing the profile and ensuring all the blkbrry software is removed. I will say in my programs list in Remove/Add programs in the Windows Control Panel the Blkbrry Desktop Manager 4.5 is still there although it was removed a while back during this mess. When I try to remove it says cannot remove software that is not there.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Removing the Profile

Looks like this program has left some reg files and this might be causing you the issues, i would check the reg for any relation to the old software and remove it, or you can download c cleaner from the internet and select reg and this will clean out the old reg files not being used. after you run the c cleaner reg i would then remove the new version and then run c cleaner again, after this i would run the new install of blackberry (crackberry) software this i beleive should solve your issue i dealt with blackberrys for over one year working on Bes server.

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OH the good old Crap Cleaner

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Reg

It's available here

Uninstall the existing application reboot run Crap Cleaner then open the C Drive then Program Files and look for any of the Blackberry Installations you should be able to delete them now maybe. ?

If they can not be deleted open the Folder and remove all the individual files that you can and post back with what is left.


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And the synch continues to fail

by In reply to Reg

Hello Mcnally, I cleaned up good both it is still not working. I feel the process displaying on my device tells me that is it an issue with my device, I just do not know how to fix it. What sucks about this software is how long it takes to uninstall, install, repair, so I top of doing day to day business I try to find the time to fix this but yet not one bit of luck.

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Solution Found

It turned out the problem was not the Desktop Manager but the device. Had to WIPE the device and then it synched.

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