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Blackberry Sync issues w/Exchange

By Megtek ·
I have no idea where to post this question. But - the issue is with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.1 for Exchange. It is Exchange 2003 w/SP1. The BES says "enabled". The calendar DOES sync from desktop (Outlook 2003) to the BlackBerry. But when you modify the calendar on the blackberry - it DOES NOT sync to the desktop (Outlook 2003/Exchange).

Anyone have experience with this? Thanks in advance.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Blackberry Sync issues w/ ...

I haven't heard of anything in the forums on this issue. I would open a case with RIM. Potential a hot fix for etiehr the BES or the Exchange will be needed.

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by bcmathis In reply to Blackberry Sync issues w/ ...

Check the permissions for the account in which the BES server is using on your server. Admins are not allowed the "Send As" option thought Exchange, therefore, the user BES works with needs to "NOT" be a administrator. Besides that you might want to check to make sure that you have the latest patches and hotfixes for BES, Exchange Admin Tools where installed before BES was installed, and you have successfully registered the cdo.dll file in your C:\Windows\system32 folder as well as the Exchsrvr\Bin directory. Let me know if this helps you!

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by mshapiera In reply to Blackberry Sync issues w/ ...

Have had the exact same problem. RIM advised:
make sure that the user account that is the bes admin is not an domain admin, but normal user account. It has to be local admin on the bes server. in exchange, delegates, the account has to have echange admin view rights only. on each store & child objects it has to have EXPLICIT rights to recieve/send as and to administor the information store, these must not be inheritade from the org

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by speedelf In reply to Blackberry Sync issues w/ ...

We also have the same problem after upgrading the Blackberry server to 4.1 (with Exchange 2003 sp2). i have checked the bes account, and it does have send as and receive as rights, and is exchange view only at the administrative grps level. the problem is occuring on only one of my domains, not all domains, not the first level administrative grp. I also checked the cdo.dll and mapi file versions, and they are the same.

Please help!

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Blackberry Wireless Sync issues

by stuart.blackledge In reply to

Dear All
Hope this is in the right place but we are seeing the same sync issues as you.
We have just discovered that many of the users are missing the "anonymous" permissions from the outlook Calendar on the client side.

Replace this and after turning off and back on the wireless sync option in the calendar it seems to work fine.

Just confirming this with RIM and will post there reply..

Reply from RIM
Outlook can only open a calendar if you have read access to it. The ability to see whether a time slot is busy is not enough. Note that the attempt to open is done in your name, so the owner of the calendar will need to give you permission to read, or they will to select "Anyone can read my calendar".

When you schedule a meeting in outlook, you can look at what time the invitees are busy. That is done in a different way from opening calendars. In particular, the access is done as the anonymous user. For outlook to see free/busy information, the calendar must permit everyone (specifically, the anonymous user) to see availability. In the Unified web client, this is "Anyone can view my availability".


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