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    Blackberry Sync Issues


    by paul.kelly ·

    I have recently come across a problem with calendar sync issues since upgrading my exchange server from 5.5 to 2003.

    The problem only seems to affect users who have a blacberry and delegates to their calendar. If you remove the delegates or the blackberry from the equation then the problem no longer occurs.

    When these users try to sync the calendar from exchange to the blackberry it is sometimes missing appointments that are displayed in outlook. Also the delegates sometimes have completely different appointment in their view of the users calendar.

    I was wondering if anyone had experienced similar problems or new of a resolution for this one??

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      Reply To: Blackberry Sync Issues

      by mattei103 ·

      In reply to Blackberry Sync Issues

      Hey Paul,

      Check your users Desktop Manager software and double click on “Intellisync” and then click on (if I’m correct) “Configure PIM” button. In the handheld configuration screen click on Calendar> Choose > Click on(something to the effect of “wireless”) instead of MS Outlook, then click OK all the way out… This a two part where you want to verify on the BB – Click on Messages Icon>Wheel Click again>Options>Email Reconciliation>Wireless Reconcile (needs to be on). Mind you I had your similar problem on a Lotus Notes environment and went nuts until (thanks to an old timer in the game longer than me that’s played some; introduced me to this fix). Let me know if anything mentioned above seems cryptic and I’ll clarify…


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        Reply To: Blackberry Sync Issues

        by paul.kelly ·

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        Hi Mattei,

        Have tried this before hand and the blackberry will sync correctly. Currently all the settings for the blackberry desktop manager are setup as you described. However once the blackberry sync is complete when compared to the delegate’s view of the users calendar it doesn’t match. However it will match the users view of their own calendar. It almost seems like exchange 2003 has two copies of the users calendar one for the delegate and one for the user. The blackberry sync then only matches one of the calendars. What makes it even more confusing is if you remove the blackberry from the situation the delegate’s view of the calendar and users calendar view matches and work as they should do. When the blackberry is used the two views of the calendar are different!!! It seems that there is some kind of conflict between the blackberry and exchange 2003. Let me know if you have seen anything like this before.



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      Sync Issues

      by ebehrendt ·

      In reply to Blackberry Sync Issues

      Paul have you resolved your issue? If so How?

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