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Are spam firewall companies really helping or just using their blacklisting capability to extort other companies into paying for their services?

Is there anyone who regulates this crap? It seems to me that all these spam firewall companies have carte blanche to make whatever rules they want to define spam. Of course as soon as you visit the site of the company who is blacklisting you and you submit for your domain to be removed, it seems a sales call is never far behind. These companies see an easy way to make money by holding your email system hostage. They are becoming more of a problem than the spammers.

Is there any recourse one can take against one of these companies? Has anyone ever taken legal action against one? If not then i may be the first.

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by shasca In reply to Blacklisted

Your company got Blacklisted itself? What were the circumstance? Maybe you can win some over to your side with a legitimate reason.

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I agree....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Because?

Obviously, their company IS spamming, or they wouldn't have gotten blacklisted in the first place. And, to be blacklisted by multiple listers, well... what can I say. They get what they deserve.

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Free choice

by seanferd In reply to Blacklisted

Anyone can blacklist anyone for any reason. Filtering companies provide lists, and consumers of lists can use them or not.

Now, if you have had your rep damaged for no reason at all, you certainly can appeal to the blacklist providers, or communities on the internet in general.

First, find out why you were blacklisted. Even if you don't send out massive amounts of mail, if it is unsolicited, some people will start marking it as spam, and eventually you'll end up on a list. Perhaps your network was infected, and bots have been sending spam from your IP addresses.
It's even possible to be mislabled as a spammer through people with low critical-thinking submitting your email as spam. Or maybe you are a total spammer. We don't know.

Again, find out why you were blacklisted, and check your own network. As I'm a bit biased in favor of squid, I hope something works out for you. Perhaps if you submit information on the offending listing to us, someone will check it out.

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Another reason for a blacklisting

by The Scummy One In reply to Free choice

is using a shared email server. If you use public email (such as yahoo, gmail, etc.) or use your ISP's shared server, your company may have done nothing wrong to get blacklisted, however, another user on that shared server did!
If it has been a problem, or it may become a problem, obtain a dedicated mail server. It will cost more, however, unless your company is spamming, then this should remedy and prevent this kind of situation.

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Verizon is now blocking outgoing email

by neil licht In reply to Blacklisted

I am sending normal emails that have attachments of page copies of something, even a job interview request.

Verizon arbitrarily called it spam and blocked it! I emailed the supposed reviewers and never get any answers or response. Blocking my outgoing mail - WRONG.

Verizon got sued for blocking incomming and outgoing mail to England and Ireland awhile back without their recipients even seeing it.

How do we stop these thought police. WE do pay for this service of Verizon email so who are they to pull a stunt like this to "protect" me without my OK?

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Thought police?

by Dr Dij In reply to Verizon is now blocking o ...

I guess they also spam filtered your thoughts about eating spam?

use another email service for gosh sake.

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