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I recently put another email server on-line, but didn't stop the open relay in time to prevent abuse. I fixed the problem, but now seem to be on everyones' blacklist. What is the quickly way to get off these blacklists? Help!

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by joematus In reply to Blacklists

There is no quick and easy way to do this. They won't take your word for it that you closed your open relay -- they'll want to test it. First verify that you're not an open relay. Sites such as can do a third party test. Then check your log for a message similar to "relaying denied". Then you have to write to all the blackhole lists saying something like I put up a new server and it at one time was an open relay, but now it doesn't do relaying. They'll test it then take you off their lists. This is how they do business. Some of these folks get downright fascist when it comes to open relays, which is a major sender of spams.

To get off the ORBD blacklist, have them test you at

They are a major open relay blacklist and other blacklists will use their database so if your clean with them, others will put you on their whitelist.

Sorry, like I said, they won't take your word that you closed the open relay. This will take some time and effort on your part.

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