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By msignorella ·
I'm trying to determine the differences between IBM Blade Servers and HP and Dell Blade Servers? There seems to be too much ambiguity in our office. Can you possibly help?

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This really depends on what you want

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blade Servers

As they used to say No One Has Ever Been Fired for Buying IBM The hardware is just that good, but the down side it's expensive.

HP make half way decent systems but not int he same league as IBM.

Dell on the other hand make second rate hardware that should be ignored. But maybe that's just my opinion.

When it comes to Blades you need to look at what is required, what your budget will be and most importantly what any Backup Service is going to be like and how fast it will be.

If you want a small Blade any of the above suppliers can help you with a product but if you are looking at a Medium Blade something like 2,000 CPU or bigger only look at the IBM Range it's better far more scalable will use less power and much more importantly easy to fit and has no excess connections at the back that need to be connected. IBM can also organize CPU increases in affordable ranges.


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Dell, IBM, HP, Cisco Blade systems

by Chuckchuckj In reply to Blade Servers

Does anyone have any updated information on this topic? My client is evaluating these systems. I would like to know if any one have any experience working with them. Dell, and IBM are ways apart when it comes to price, but not sure is it worth the $$$ in terms of performance, support, and reliability

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