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    Blades and backups


    by messenone ·

    Hello to everyone,

    I would like to know from those who are using blades ( and those who dont but want to share their opinion) how do you back up your blades given that there is no way to connect a Tape drive to the blade center.

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      What blade center are we talking about

      by the ‘g-man.’ ·

      In reply to Blades and backups

      need more details!!!!

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        Blades details

        by messenone ·

        In reply to What blade center are we talking about

        I am using an IBM BladeCenter Chassis E model.

        There are 5 blades installed on there 3 running RHL and running Windows 2003 server.

        We also have an HP c7000 enclosure for Blades with two Hp Proliand BL 460c running RHL.

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          by the ‘g-man.’ ·

          In reply to Blades details

          SAN connectivity.

          Can be used to support connection to external tape drives and tape libraries to allow multiple servers or blades to share those resources. Mixing disk and tape storage together on a common SAN can require additional considerations to ensure proper operation and optimum performanc


          Add a SCSI card and hook up the tape unit via SCSI.

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          by messenone ·

          In reply to Try

          I ll take that under consideration but I think will manage to get a small budget from management and get a dedicated backup server with a Tape drive attached to it.

          We’ll see!!

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          Consider fiber tape?

          by bob@1234 ·

          In reply to Thanks

          I know HP has an LTO4 fiber attached tape library; you could attach that to your SAN. It’s a 4Gbps, and I think you can have up to 2 drives in the library. I think its an msl2028? or 2024?

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          by messenone ·

          In reply to Consider fiber tape?

          Thanks man but I dont have a SAN.

          I ended up getting an extra rack mountable server to server as a gateway to the the tape library.

          Thank all

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