Blank Computer screen after reboot

By cwl8621 ·
I have a K9N Neo nvida nforce 550 MOBO with a AMD 5200+ dual core and a x1950 pro ati graphics card. I got everything running but at first i got the error unknown processor revision. I fixed this with a forced Bios flash. No i can access my bios and when i start the computer it tells me to hit F1 for setup or F2 to use default settings. If i use default settings it goes to windows and starts up fine. If i go to setup and just his f10 to save and exit the monitor goes blank and nothing happens. The computer is running but the monitor is in standby. If i use the default settings without going into bios the computer works fine as i said, but after i restart the computer i get the same problem and have to reset my cmos everytime i want to get on.

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Verify the jumper for clear cmos position

by IC-IT In reply to Blank Computer screen aft ...

JBat1 should have pins 1 & 2 jumpered. Verify this is in the correct position. Should be around page 2-18 of your manual.

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The Jumper is in the correct position...

by cwl8621 In reply to Verify the jumper for cle ...

Everytime the computer reboots i must reclear the cmos and start again. even when i put the jumper back after i clear it...

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Well then start off by replacing the BIOS battery

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The Jumper is in the corr ...

Also are you saving the Changes when you Exit BIOS? If not this is the problem as you are not allowing the BIOS to run on it's Default Settings.

All that should be required here is to enter the correct Time & Date set to the Defaults and check that the CPU & RAM are correctly identified and then save the changes as you exit the BIOS Setup and let her go.

If this isn't working perhaps you have a faulty M'Board or it may have something to do with the NVidia Chip Set M'Board an the ATI Video Card conflicting. Did you ask anyone if there where known problems between the M'Board and Video Card?


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Figured it out

by cwl8621 In reply to Well then start off by re ...

Evidently the bios version i upgraded to was too new. I i went back one version and everything started working fine. Installed a fresh copy of windows and it boots everytime.
Thanks for all you help guys.

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