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Blank Desktop

By Vicarious ·
About 10 people are getting this specific problem. They work on their PC and all of a sudden the icon's will disapear and they will only have a blank desktop with the wallpaper only. The PC doesn't suspend itself nor doesn't it hibernate, they just go blank. It looks like they lose their connection to the server, but after like 10 it comes back automatically.

They run Win XP pro
Dell Optiplex GX 280
512 Ram

I turned off the hibernation and anything related to the power options of the machine. I've even checked the bios for anything out of the ordinary there or if I can modify something that is related to the power options. I've even gone as far to see if there any spyware that could affect the machines. When you check the event view, all aps are fine with a couple of warnings, but no full on erros.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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It sounds like Explorer.exe is crashing.

by faradhi In reply to Blank Desktop

The easy way to check this is to hit Alt-Ctrl-Del when the just the wallpaper is showing, select task manager, then look in processes for Explorer.exe.

If that is the case, first scan for spyware. Then run a system file checker to be sure no system files have been corrupted.

I hope this helps.

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by Vicarious In reply to It sounds like Explorer.e ...

Thanks for the prompt response, but unfortunetly, the PC doesn't allow you to bring up the Task Manager, simply stays on the wallpaper display and you either have to manually shut it down (which I hate doing) or simply wait, eventually it will come back (this is time consuming, hence the reason for the hard shutdown).

The machines that this problem exist on is a brand new imaged machine. Things is out of 10 machines with the same image only 2 have this problem.

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Try Ctrl-Shift-Esc

by faradhi In reply to Alt-Ctrl-Del

To pull up task manager. What you are describing still sounds like explorer is crashing.

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I will try that

by Vicarious In reply to Try Ctrl-Shift-Esc

I will try that once the user contacts me again concerning this issue.

Thanks, I shall keep you posted as things develop.


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Something is shutting down explorer.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Blank Desktop

It happens to me a lot when I leave my computer running for several days.

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by Vicarious In reply to Something is shutting dow ...

Would I not get an error message from Windows asking me to send error report to MS. This is something that doesn't pop up.

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Not necessarly

by faradhi In reply to Question?

I have seen explorer crash without the error message or log.

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Make sense

by Vicarious In reply to Not necessarly

As to why nobody could remember seeing that window and when I try and find a log for it, I just can't find it.

Now after doing some research and to the obvious answer I have 3rd party software that could be causing this issue. I'm using "shexview.exe" to search for the 3rd party software. When I do the search I come across roughly about 250-270 aps. I know it's hard to tell, but which ones have you come across that could create this problem?

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Not always.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Question?

It depends on which subroutine crashes. The subroutine that calls up Dr Watson may be the one that crashed.

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Have you scanned

by zlitocook In reply to Blank Desktop

For virus, malware ect? If all the memory is used the screen can not refresh check the task manager. Have you reimaged any of them, if so dose it happen again? Take one of the computers to a diffrent desk and try it there, to see if its network related. If a nic is always trying to find drives or the server it will do strange things. If it is an onboard nic try adding one and disable the on board one to see what happens.
Try pulling memory from a know good computer and put into one of the computers that is acting up. Do a clean up, defrag and scan disk.

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