blank dvd media reboots xp

By opatzg ·
My systems have started rebooting when I put a blank DVD in. is this an XP3 issue? Is there a fix?

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first step

by shasca In reply to blank dvd media reboots x ...

In the Control Panel under system/advenaced/startup and recovery. uncheck restart at system failure. Then try the DVD again and see if you get anymore information to give us.

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check event log

by sisc In reply to first step

Also check event log, it should give you some hints of what all about.

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Could be power supply.

by ozi Eagle In reply to blank dvd media reboots x ...


Does the PC reboot with a recorded DVD/CD, or only a blank?

If any disk causes a reboot, try replacing the PSU with a known good one.

I've experienced this problem of inserting a disk and having the PC spit the dummy. PSU was faulty.


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I don't think its a power supply issue because

by opatzg In reply to Could be power supply.

it sometimes allows burning once it reboots, its just the initial loading of a blank disk which causes a lockup or reboot every time.

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Still try another PSU

by ozi Eagle In reply to I don't think its a power ...


Just because you can burn a CD/DVD IF you can get it into the drive without the computer crashing, doesn't eliminate the PSU.
Remember the start up power drawn by the drive is greater than the running power. If the PSU is flakey the start up power required may be just enough to crash the computer, but once the drive is spinning the power equirement drops and burning then doesn't draw enough power to cause a crash.

My advice, try another PSU.


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