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Blank Messages in Outlook 2003

By lickity40 ·
Greetings all!

I have an interesting problem occuring on a couple of workstations that I can't figure out.

They were both recently upgraded to W2K Prof and Office 2003. The latest Office and Windows patches have been applied.

When they send an email message, (internal), the receiver gets a blank message. When I look in their Sent Folder and look at the message, it too is blank.

Although I've researched this and found a couple of similar problems, they point to two issues that do not apply. One is with ccLotus and the other with Exchange 5.5.

Any clue? Thanks in advance!!!

Rick Forsythe
Systems Administrator

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by lickity40 In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...


I guess this is too much of a mystery. In any case, I will add that in my experimentations, I found that this problem does not occur when a user sends the message in plain text rather than html. I don't know if it's certain background images that's causing the problem or all. I'll continue to test and post my findings here.



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Maybe font color?

by gralfus In reply to Follow-up

I don't know if it can be set for incoming messages, but you might check the font color settings to see if they are set to white with white background. Can you select any text by dragging the mouse on the blank text?

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Maybe font color?

by lickity40 In reply to Maybe font color?

Thanks for the reply!

Actually, that was one of the first things I looked at. In both the sender's Sent folder and the addressee's Inbox, the message contains NO text. In fact, when I looked at it in html source view, there was no text except for the basic html code for beginning and end...

Also, this same thing is happening on other workstaions where I upgraded.



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Your not the only one

by ktimm In reply to Maybe font color?

We are also having similar problems. The to/from subject and sent/received information is all there but when you open up the message (or just have a message preview open) there is no message. It's completely blank. Even the same as far as the message information just containing the basic starting and ending html source. What e-mail server are you running? Exchange 2003? Have you applied the Exchange 2003 sp1?

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I have this problem

by TR In reply to Your not the only one

I have the same problem, but not on exchange server.

This is happening to me at home with Outlook 2003 and NO exchange server.
Every bit of info counts!

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An interesting bit...

by lickity40 In reply to I have this problem

...of info! That confirms for me that it is in the client mailer. In fact, the first clue was when the message in the Sent Folder was blank also. (this wouldn't have made it to the server)


Rick Forsythe

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Even more interesting...

by ancientmath In reply to An interesting bit...

While TR said they didn't have the exhange server themselves, they failed to note what the ISP is using. I would wait for that confirmation still.

I actually saw a message (or at least the first two lines of it) from the popup that occurs with Outlook 2003 and then it blanked out...seemingly while i watched it. I immediately went to Outlook to see if the whole message, but it was gone (blank). I used OWA to try to view the message from the exchange server, but it too showed a blank message (but the attachments were there!). I then tried Outlook Express to view the mail via IMAP, but alas also blank.

Here's what i noticed i did differently when i finally experienced the blank email syndrome as myself as the sender...I inadvertently used Rich Text format. Normally i use HTML when sending email with bold, italics, or pictures, but this one time i had decided perhaps HTML wasn't appropriate so i selected Rich Text instead. It was when the email came back to me blank as well that i realized something gone terribly wrong.

It's not the background (i saw it when i drafted it, i should see it when i read it).

I want to suspect the conversion process somewhere, but i'm unsure just when that happens, at the server for Exchange clients?

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Similar Problem Solved

by nicholas.steblay In reply to I have this problem

I had the same symptoms, all Outlook messages were blank. I uninstalled a PGP add-in I had installed for secure email. Once the add-in was un-installed everything started working. Look at the Outlook add-ins you have installed and uninstall them.

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Excuse the delay....

by lickity40 In reply to Your not the only one

I thought all the responses were in for this. Have you resolved your problem? We are still using Exchange 2000 with SP4 installed. The stations, as I beleive I posted previously, are running Office 2003.


Rick Forsythe

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What's The WORD

by rwhite In reply to Blank Messages in Outlook ...

Are you using word as the email editor? If so MS WORD needs to be registered before it can be used. You will need to open word as the administrator so other users (and Programs) can use it.

Another issue is active scripting make sure that is enabled.

1. Close Outlook.

2. Navigate to Control Panel / Internet Options / Security tab.

3. Select the Internet security zone.

4. Press Custom Level and Press Enabled for the Active Scripting item.

5. Press OK and OK.

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