Blank Monitor Issues

By IT_MPeck ·
Usually i can sniff out whats wrong with blank monitors. But my limited hardware knowledge cant solve this one cause theres no way for me to test the problem. On startup i get nothing.

Monitor works fine i have plugged it in to other computers. I changed to like 10 different video cards of all sorts. All i get is the enabling power save mode message. Is this simply a dead computer for me?

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Re: Blank monitor

by christianshiflet In reply to Blank Monitor Issues

When trying other video cards, have you tried plugging them into different PCI slots on the motherboard or have you used the same slot for each card? Also, does the monitor power on when you turn the PC on and then immediately display the power save mode warning or does it do nothing at all when you turn the PC on?

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Blank Monitor

by IT_MPeck In reply to Re: Blank monitor

I have tried other slots for the video card. Not all but definitely a few. The monitor turns on, and then immediately goes into power save mode. When i push auto adjust it just goes back to power save mode.

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Re: Blank monitor

by christianshiflet In reply to Blank Monitor

Okay then...

So nothing, not even the manufacturer splash screen appears? I would try to swap out the power supply (if you have a compatible one handy) and maybe the battery on the motherboard, as well. The other possibility that comes to mind is a bad motherboard. Does the PC stay on and appear to continue with the boot process? Can you hear the hard drive spin up or anything of that nature? Also, check to verify that your RAM is fully inserted into the slots. I had a guy who was afraid he would break RAM modules if he pressed them too hard and as such, failed to fully seat them in the slots, causing a failure to boot.

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by IT_MPeck In reply to Re: Blank monitor

Awesome! I reseated the ram and it turned off. When i turned it back on i had a screen!! Then i got an ALERT! Shutdown due to thermal event F1 to continue. Im just gonna move on from there. Thanks alot again!

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