Blank screen

By FordTrucker97 ·
I have a toshiba 8100 laptop with xp pro. I had a problem with it turning on and found that there was a cracked solder where the charger plus in. i fixed that and everything was working great. one week later after not touching it when the power button is pushed there is a blank screen. i hear the HDD spin and when i hold the power button to turn off i hear 1 beep followed by a lot of shorter beeps. also i have tried a test HDD to see what happens and i hear that HDD spin but still a blank screen. any ideas?

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The beeps are most likely

by Dumphrey In reply to Blank screen

bios codes.
may help. I have no idea what bios your lap top uses, but you may bet better, more specific advise, from the toshiba support site.

Also if you connect an external monitor, any reaction?

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by FordTrucker97 In reply to The beeps are most likely

if connect another monitor nothing comes on

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Then your best bet is to track down the beep

by Dumphrey In reply to nope

code list for your bios. It will tell you more about whats wrong.

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i forgot

by FordTrucker97 In reply to Then your best bet is to ...

to mention that if the lcd screen closes or you just push the sensor down it beeps until you let go, or open it. also i'm able to hit a bunch of the f buttons and i finally get something on the screen but it is just a bunch of symbols and letters everywhere. even with the hdd out.

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