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    blank screen


    by kamgash ·

    My Comp hang and could not restart from the power button.So i switched it off from the main power supply(socket).When switching it on again the screen was just blank.The hard disk was running ok though.Could the mother board have been corrupted by switching it on and off and if so how do i resolve the problem?

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      by jepott ·

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      Try this simple trick – it might work: Unplug the computer from the wall, let it sit for a while (a few minutes should be fine), plug it back in a try to start it up. If it works great, if it doesn’t then post a reply and there are a host of other ideas to try.


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      by dmiles ·

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      Do you get any different beep signal than the usual start up beep?
      If not then their may be corrupt video drivers,update the drivers and see if this will work.

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      by toivo talikka ·

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      Depending on the BIOS and power settings in the software, you may have to press the power button for 4 seconds or more until the PC switches itself off.

      Usually it is good to press the Caps Lock key a couple of times to see if the Caps light on the keyboard is turned off and on, which indicates that maybe just one application has hung.

      You may be able to press Ctrl-Alt-Del, go to the Task Manager and identify the application that is not responding and end that one and then do a graceful restart.

      When the computer restarts, listen if it beeps more than once during the power-on self test. The number of beeps have a meaning, depending on the version of the BIOS. You can download a chart of the beep codes from TR at

      Is the power light on the screen green or perhaps yellow and blinking?

      Maybe the screen has malfunctioned. Check its power cord, plug it back in and try again. Try the screen in another PC if you have access to one.

      Open the case of the computer when it is turned off and reseat the video card. That often helps.

      If your graphics card is integrated to the motherboard, instead of a PCI or AGP card, the chances are that the graphics chip or circuit has blown and you either have to install a graphics card or replace the motherboard.

      While the case is open, check that the CPU fan is running. If it is not, that is a showstopper because the CPU would overheat and it is automatically switched off before it gets damaged.

      If you have several RAM sticks, remove them and plug them back one at a time and test restarting the computer.

      Disconnect the flat IDE cable from the hard drive and see if you can see the BIOS information and the power-on self test screen.

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        by toivo talikka ·

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        If you happen to have a spare power supply, known to be working, try that. You do not have to remove the old one from the case, just disconnect the main cable from the motherboard and the leads from the hard drive, CD drive and the floppy drive. Place the case flat on the floor and put the replacement motherboard on the top of the old one for the duration of the test. Sometimes the failures of the power supply can be partial, some parts of the system work and some don’t, or the problem like overvoltage can also damage other components, especially the motherboard.

        If you have a similar computer, try the CPU in another computer to see if the CPU works. Don’t try a healthy CPU in your motherboard, otherwise it might get fried, too.

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      by nitinbhisale2k5 ·

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      Just remove your motherboard from your cabinet, remove cpu,bios battery,ram And let them on floor for atleast 1/2 hr to discharge the static current. After that connect all stuff onto the board and see if it works or not if not then you h’ve to check for your motherboard.

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      by kevinotakos ·

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      please first check your processor if it is inserted properly.

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