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Blank screen and iomdisk.sys in safe mode

By lawrence_parnell ·

im having a serious issue with my pc and i dont know what to do next expect throw my pc through the window. I have XP pro with 2gb ram and 2.4ghz pentium and a quadro 700 agp card. i installed another card (quadro 230) to get dual screens, and after installing the driver and rebooting, my pc went dead. When i say dead i mean that the pc boots up to Dell screen, the window splash screen for 10 seconds, and then the screen goes blank (dark) when the desktop should load. i waited 10, 20 mns but no change.
I can hear things happening, or access the shared directories on my desktop by using my laptop, but i cant see anything on my screen. i can even hit the keys to shut the pc down without seeing them (i remember them) and the pc turns off. so i guess the PC is ok, but the visuals are gone...or semi gone since i can see the boot up and window splash screen.
ive tried changing the graphics card, changing screen, running recovery console chkdsk /r, fixboot and fixmbr or even booting to safe mode, with no success. When i try to go to safe mode, or last config, or any other choice, it stops at iomsys. I tried disabling this service in the recovery console, but that didnt fact, i would auto reboot without going anywhere.


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A Dell computer

by zlitocook In reply to Blank screen and iomdisk. ...

Has problems with video cards that Dell dose not supply. Your computer, dose it have an on board video card? A place to plug in your monitor with out a extra card?
Remove the card/cards that you have added.
Use the restore CD to reload drivers and put your system back to factory defaults. Watch and read the prompts so you do not loose any thing you have saved. You do back up your system dont you?
What you discribed could be from bad drivers for XP or a virus.
I would do what I just said first and if that did not work I would boot to a live CD and scan the computer. And a live CD can fix allot of problems like removing bad files and temp files.
Boot to the restore CD and do a format and install.

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first try

by lawrence_parnell In reply to A Dell computer

thx for the post. 1st, there is no onboard video card. the pc needs one, but ive tried the card on another machine and it works fine. I cant get into windows or DOS so i cant load the original drivers from the DELL disk. Im going to try the windows install disk, although the pc came with windows on it. I think i have a 'recovery' cd. i do back up my documents and a few other directories but not the whole 150gb. im most concerned about emails. Ill try out the windows disk suggestions and see.

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