Blank screen - cannot reach setup screen in XP installation

By sweeetsteve ·
I am attempting to install Windows XP SP2 on a Dell Latitude D820.

The BIOS is configured to boot from the CDROM drive, and the notebook picks up the CD - it displays the following:

"Press any key to boot from CD..."

I press a key and it is followed by the following:

"Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration..."

After a few seconds the message disappears from the screen and the drive appears to stop spinning. It does not get to the blue screen where it says "Windows Setup", etc.

I know it is not a fault with the disk as:

- I have installed Windows XP on the same machine to create a virtual machine (using VMware), and
- The CD works on other PCs, including my other Dell notebook.

The machine currently has a Linux installation on it and I need to dual-boot as Windows does not run effectively enough under VMware.

Any ideas?

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How long do you leave it? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Blank screen - cannot rea ...

Before deciding that it has crashed?

If the hardware configuration is being inspected what makes you think that requires the rotation of the disc?

So, how long have you let it go before calling time yourself?

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I'm facing the same issue

by In reply to Blank screen - cannot rea ...

Were you able to find a solution? I have Ubuntu and Win XP (crap OS) in dual-boot with Grub.

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How I solved it...

by mrusev In reply to Blank screen - cannot rea ...

I had a ntfs partition and three linux ones. Try removing the boot flag (from within cfdisk) from the ntfs partition and start setup again. If this doesn't work just delete the ntfs partition and then everything should be ok... :)

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same problem

by smay1 In reply to How I solved it...

got the same issue going here. Just have single operating system. Clean new hard drive. Used XPSP2 boot disk then tried XP1, same issue. Seen this before a while back so just swapped machines and thought this would work but didn't help. Everytime I start XP setup after initial copying of Windows setup files on disk setup would reboot then blank out at the time setup was to continue. Everything running but no screen. Deleted NTFS and recreated partition, made it active, also tried to fix mbr of disk; all these changes and setup would start again anew but after copying same initial files would reboot to a blank screen. Know this isn't a CD disk problem, have tried 3 different XP setup boot disks, have tried two different machines, so has to be hard disk problem, like hard drive can't retain the boot info. Next will try a low level format on drive even though chkdsk reports no bad sectors and other drive software examines hard drive and reports no problems. Looking for answers first before low level format and found this post.

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Recovery method

by techdavis In reply to same problem

If you have access to a working computer, create a BartPE boot disk with your copy of Windows. Then, boot to BartPE, and go to Diskpart and clean the disk(s). This will remove the unreadable partitions on them, and allow setup to start normally.

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Own resolution (so far)

by smay1 In reply to same problem

Isolated blank screen problem to single drive. New drive was 250GB so first tried making drive primary master, primary slave, secondary master, secondary slave and XP boot disk would still blank out when setup started. Changed video in bios and video card just in case video issue. No jumper configuration changed drive being seen. Also changed bios settings for hard drive where possible and no change. Installed another 250 GB drive and this drive worked with same XP boot disk, no problem. Compared BIOS settings of both drives and only difference noticed was the Ultra DMA 6 mode was on the drive that could be seen whereas Ultra DMA 5 mode was on 250GB drive not being seen. So far have not gotten first drive to be seen but my blank screen problem is hard drive not being able to been seen by XP setup.

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A resolution

by FizixRichard In reply to Own resolution (so far)

I know this is an old thread but I had the same issue this morning as described here when my primary HD blew so tried to install Windows on a secondary HD; I also resolved it and the method may be useful as it was quite simple.

When I switched the drive windows XP install would hang on a blank screen.

It turns out it was hanging because the SATA drives settings in the BIOS were incorrect.

The issue was that LBA was disabled, I enabled LBA and presto, it worked.

So might be worth checking the drive settings if anyone else gets this problem.

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Reponse To Answer

by yisaam In reply to How I solved it...

Thanks mate. Your post was such sweet relief.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Blank screen - cannot rea ...

My suggestions are:
1. boot from Linux install CD and delete the Linux partitions. After this you can install Windows XP.
2. Verify if you don?t need a SATA driver floppy to install Windows XP. Press F6 to install SATA driver.

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by ryno In reply to Re

Hi thanks i think that can work i only have one problem, my linux cd does not prompt me to delete the partition, i dont know linux so do you maybe know how to do it?


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