Blank video

By luketigers ·
I am not able to view certain video files on my monitor. I can see embedded files like youtube and such but not actual dvds, downloaded media or video files.

It's quite frustrating now. I have tried downloading different codec packs such as k-lite and still nothing. Video on games and games run fine, it is just the VIDEO on those other files (audio is fine). All I see is a blank black screen.

Please enlighten me,


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I use WinDVD

by w2ktechman In reply to Blank video

plays DVD's just fine

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Not gonna work

by luketigers In reply to Blank video

It doesnt matter which media player is being used, there is just no video.

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If it is certain files, and those files are DVD's,

by w2ktechman In reply to Not gonna work

then the first place to look is at DVD decoders. The system needs to now how to read a DVD properly, and to decode it in order to play it.

It would seem that since other videos in different formats play, it is not a HW problem, which leaves SW.
However, I think media player should play DVD's too. When I run into media player 'black screens' or 'green video' I uninstall it and re-install it. It usually fixes the problem. If not, upgrading it almost always does (or downgrading if it is on the most recent).

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If I'm reading this correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blank video

You can not view Video from a source other than the HDD or Internet.

That sort of only leaves the Optical Drive as a possible culprit. Is it actually a DVD or CD Drive?

You can not view DVDs on a CD Drive. But as you say you have audio but no video I'm confused as the one LED is used to pickup both Audio & Video off the data surface of a DVD so I suppose that only leaves the Video Electronics inside the drive as a possible problem.

Replacing the drive should cure the problem though.


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reinstall player or drivers

by luketigers In reply to If I'm reading this corre ...

it isn't from dvds in the wrong drive as its mainly from anything that plays in a media player. so it seems likely hat it would be driver related then. (since i have tried a couple of media players).

I will try uninstalling my windows media player again and see what happens. If not then it would seem I need to reinstall the drivers, I think.

(Everything worked fine before I reformatted the computer, so it is possible that something went wrong after the reformat and that is why it doesn't work properly now.)

Thanks for the advice I will be back.

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Well that helps no end

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reinstall player or drive ...

Open Device Manager by Left Clicking start then right click on My Computer and in the drop down menu that appears left click on Proprieties. When the next window opens left click on the Hardware tab and then left click on the Device Manager Button. Look for any yellow ? with a Black ! through them These items Do Not have the drivers installed and you need to install them.

If you care to post the Make & Model of the system or M'Board we can point you to the necessary Drivers for your computer.


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none of these occur OH Smeg, yellow ? black !

by luketigers In reply to Well that helps no end

i followed your instructions there, just the normal pop up.

I downloaded the latest pack from the manufacturer but still nothing.

That should limit the problem down shouldn't it?

I'm so lost to figure this out.

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What was the DVD

by Jacky Howe In reply to Blank video

software that came with the PC. What is the Make and Model of the PC.

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Sorry i didnt post that earlier

by luketigers In reply to What was the DVD

Intel core2 Quad CPU
Windows XP SP2
ATI Radeon HD 3800 series

Monitor: viewsonic LCD VX 2235wm-5

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Not quite

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sorry i didnt post that e ...

what I wanted but have you installed the Chipset and Video Drivers for your Motherboard and check for updated Drivers. Check the manufacturers site for a firmware upgrade for your DVD Drive. Some DVD drives come with software check that if you have it for drivers and software as Power DVD is often on them.
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