Blank web pages in IE but not in Firefox

By steve_hartzell ·
When users try to access certain web pages from drilling down through menus they get a black page when using internet explorer. However, if the same process is performed in firefox the page comes up with no problem.

Also, if I copy the url into word and then click to follow the link internet explorer opens the page with no problem.

An example would be to go to then click on Displays at the top and then select LCD. When I do this in ie I get a blank page but not a problem in firefox.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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There's sommat wrong with YOUR internet explorer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Blank web pages in IE but ...

What you are describing doesn't happen to me.

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It doesn't happen to me either at home.

by steve_hartzell In reply to There's sommat wrong with ...

It just happens on every machine in my office. We have machines that vary from 3 yrs old to 1 week old with the same results. We only have anti-virus software running on each machine and a firewall. We are also running websense for filtering and monitoring web access.

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Going through a proxy server?

by robo_dev In reply to Blank web pages in IE but ...

Clear the browser cache, as well as cookies and temp files.

Things that affect IE only point to spyware or browser hijack (especially a DNS hijack malware). There could also be some plug-ins or add-ons to IE that are hosing things up.

Find the IP address of the web page, and use the IP address to try to get there.

You could also have a broken JAVA runtime engine. Many sites use java, and if the JRE plugin for IE is all hosed up, then many sites will not appear. Go to:

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