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~blink~ holy cr@p

By Jaqui ·
a small 283.5 MB OGV clip re-encoded to high quality mpeg is definitely not good for use online.

283.5 MB became 7.8 GB.~shocked~

then I reduced frame size from 1024x768 to 800x600
wow, what a difference... 7.3 GB

now redoing it as low quality mpeg.
I wonder how big it will be then.

edit for typo and to add:

later, cpu getting pounded with video rendering.

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I tried to render old home movies so they would play on Kodak picture frame

by robo_dev In reply to ~blink~ holy cr@p

~1 hr video which was VHS tape recorded from 8mm video, recorded onto DVD recorder yielded around 2x 1GB VOB files.

Kodak picture frame will only read Mpeg4s or AVIs, and only had some 1Gig USB jump drives. (kinda silly since VOBs are basically MP4s)

Converting from VOB to WMV and/or MP4 gave like 15-20 GB of data. Downconverting to individual AVIs or Mp4s sorta worked, but the quality was horrible when the files were rendered at the file-size that was needed.

An interesting artifact from the 8mm conversion was that the 'strobing' started picking up strong blue color artifacts....making it look almost like the LCD display was oozing blue goo over the old movies. Sorta wierd, yet evil at the same time.

And the Kodak Picture frame has problems playing back anything higher that 320x240 without skipping once every 15 seconds.

The bottom line is that it just could not be done.

A discussion on Video Conversion tools/techniques would be a good thing. For example, I found the best freeware tool ever: the app called "Super" which can do just about anything I could need.


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it's a missed topic all right.

by Jaqui In reply to I tried to render old hom ...

how much could we all find out and contribute in a few discussions on video editing and conversion.

a Freeware app for screen capture, video style. saves into Flash, runs on Windows and debian based gnu-linux:


yup, wink.

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How about editing software?

by jdclyde In reply to it's a missed topic all r ...

I am looking for a package that will be compatible with the Adobe editing software, simply because that is what is used in ThingTwo's video editing class. He has been on 100% linux desktop for 3 weeks now. B-)

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that's harder

by Jaqui In reply to How about editing softwar ...

Adobe Premiere(sp?) project file format isn't one I'm familiar with.

I know there are comparable apps for capability, but I'm not sure if they can import/export the project files.

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