Blinking Green light on motherboard

By randerson7 ·
The machine will not start up and the light blinks green on motherboard in consistant manner. The front power light shines for only a nanosecond. it is an HP d5300 SFF, circa 2004. I replaced the power supply, but no difference.

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Does it power up and then shutdown?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Blinking Green light on m ...

If so then check your processor, take it out, give it a clean and then replace but just give it a very SMALL amount of thermal paste. Replace onto the processor socket and then replace the heatsink and fan. Just have one memory stick in so as to make sure all is ok then go into the bios to have a look at the settings. When all is ok then place in the other memory chip (if you have another that is). Do a restart and check the settings in the bios. If you still have problems get hold of another memory chip and do another test.
Hope all goes ok.

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I had quite a lot of these units with questionable PS.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Blinking Green light on m ...

So if you have fitted any additional parts like Video Cards, Additional Drives and so on remove then before continuing. Reduce the system back to it's supplied configuration and see if it works now.

If it does you'll have to do as I did and change PS's till you get one that works it was a long slow process here.

If it doesn't check the Electronic Capacitors on the M'Board around the CPU for leaks or signs of Bulging. These are Electronic Components that look like a Tin Can standing on one end and generally have a Blue coating on the outside of the component.

You can try unplugging the Mains Lead and then pressing the On Button till the LED on the M'Board goes out then plug in the mains lead and try turning on now. If that works the PS has weak Capacitors in it and it needs replacing.


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