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Bloated email messages

By GinaH ·
Outlook Email Message Sizes
Why are some emails in Outlook hundreds of Kb in size and others as little as 1 Kb but may contain only one or two sentences in them? The Inbox in Outlook can easily exceed its capacity with relatives few messages due to the fact some msgs are bloated in size and others are not. You can't tell the size of a msg by looking at it. Tracked msgs are very large and they are only 3 or 4 lines of text from the servers. Why is that? What determines the msg size? What features in Outlook bloat the file size?

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Bloated email messages

by dlw6 In reply to Bloated email messages

First, the way to tell the message size is to show it as a field. Unfortunately, that's not the default setting for Outlook. MS often underestimates the user's ability to handle and/or desire to know such details. You can fix that by going to your menu and clicking View .. Current View .. Customize Current View. Click the Fields button, select the Size field, and click Add.

Second, as to your other question, it is the features in Outlook which allow users to bloat messages. Outlook supports 4 message formats. I list them here in their approximate order of efficiency: plain text (most efficient), rich text (which allows pictures and formatted text right in the message), HTML (which does anything a web page can do, very dangerous),and MS Word.

Some examples:

If someone was using MS Word format for a message they sent you, and their Word program is set to Allow Fast Saves (the default setting, I'm afraid), any Word document (including e-mail they send) can become disproportionately large.

Outlook (like Internet Mail before it) supports stationery. This includes fonts, background pictures, and other cute stuff that's not usually necessary to the message. Stationery can make the files larger than they should beas well.

Having said all that, it's not something you can easily fix. Any settings you make to your e-mail software take place AFTER the message was sent, i.e. it already filled up your inbox. Your options are:

1. Politely ask your correspondents not to jazz up their mail with stationery. It might help to tell them that you can't see their stuff anyway (by setting the Always Use My Fonts option under Mail Format .. Stationery).

2. Set up an Inbox Assistant / Rules Wizard rule thatcauses oversized e-mails to be automatically deleted and/or returned with a "Sorry, this message exceeds the size limits and cannot be accepted."

Good fortune,

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