Block clients without a specific identifier from DHCP server

By ericheadley ·
Is there any way to stop clients being issued an address by a DHCP server unless they have a specific identifier ? MAC addresses are impractical because there are several hundred clients involved. Specifically I want a DHCP server to offer IP addresses to mitel 5330 IP phones and reject requests from PCs. Is this possible ? What is the best way to do it ? Creating a seperate VLAN for the phones would be one way to do it but the current setup makes that a non trivial exercise. Can the DHCP server in the mitel 3300 ICP be configured to do this ? I know the phones only accept IPs from DHCP servers configured with the correct string so surely the reverse is possible. Any suggestions welcome.

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Not sure which DHCP server they use.....

by robo_dev In reply to Block clients without a s ...

if it's a standard unix box using dhcpd,
yes, you can ignore unknown macs.
"ignore unknown-clients" flag

It would be ideal if you could mask on OUID to include/exclude certain manufacturers mac addresses, but I think that would make DHCP non-RFC compliant.

If it's a Windows box, I think that scopes are your only options....but it would not be easier than VLANs.

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