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    Block errors in the application log


    by bwilson ·

    Is there a way to prevent specific errors from being recorded in the application log. I would like to stop Event ID:14120 from constantly showing up and I don’t want to change my configuration to fix the error. I would just like to stop if from being recorded.

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      by sadan01 ·

      In reply to Block errors in the application log

      I presume you are using ISA? If so, this “fix” all depends on whether you are using 1 NIC or more in the computer the 14120’s are occurring on. If there is only one NIC, do the following:

      Open ISA MMC, go to Monitoring & Configuration section. Go to Alerts, and disable the “Resource Allocation Failure” error message. This will stop the 14120’s from appearing in the event viewer.

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