Block internet access from external users

By jorgefuentes ·
Hello, im seeking information on how to block access to internet to computers (specially laptops ) that try to access our web. I need to know if there is another way for blocking other than by IP and MAC address or computer name filtering by which can be cloned. We have a non DHCP solution so every computer has an static IP.

Any suggestions ?

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by patb071 In reply to Block internet access fro ...

We need more Information. What are you using? By Web do you mean Internet? Are you using a wireless router? Make? Model?If it is a wireless router you can secure your router with a password or etc. Check the manufactures website for instructions or a manual that came with the router.

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Description of the situation

by jorgefuentes In reply to Wireless?

Sorry for the vague description. I'm not running a comercial router. I have a server-switch configuration. All computers are conected through ethernet cables. What i'm trying to achieve is to stop other users from accessing the internet through those cables. I've tried IP filtering and MAC filtering through the server but to no avail. I use UNtangle to filter out sites and PC connections. I was just wondering if there is another way to restrict the use of the ethernet cables with just the computers that are meant to be connected with and prevent from other users from connecting their laptops and accessing the internet also.

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Configure your network

by robo_dev In reply to Description of the situat ...

So that the only path to the Internet for lan users is through the untangle proxy server.

The simplest way to do this is to put two network cards in the proxy server and define two networks, one for the internet connection and the other for the user-network.

You make sure that routing is turned off in the proxy server.

The only tricky part is that if you are doing dynamic IP addressing, (DHCP), then you may need another server and/or router to do this, unless you want to use the untangle server for DHCP.

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use AD to block external users

by wfbla In reply to Block internet access fro ...

You may setup a Windows Active Directory, and set internet policy for each domain account.

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