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By lucky.rao ·
Hi all
I have setup a cisco 871 router with a tunnel to my headoffice and I want that only headoffice tunnel should work. users should not be access to internet i.e. I want to restrict users to use only my private ip address range

Please help me

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Better explanation

by boomio In reply to block internet only

Sorry, can you describe a bit better what your setup is. I dont think it is clear exactly what your setup is. Then maybe we can give you a solution as to how to block internet access for a group of users

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Yes, clarification is needed.

by robo_dev In reply to Better explanation

the simple way to do this would be to block port 80 and port 443 outbound from the remote site. However this would disable access to any internal web applications, obviously.

If the user PCs run Windows and are part of a domain, you can configure proxy settings in their web browser and lock this down through group policy. If using Firefox the add-in called PublicFox can do the same thing.

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by lucky.rao In reply to Yes, clarification is nee ...

Sorry for late reply

i just want my users to access only my headoffice systems. nothing else on internet

I have setup cisco 871 router configured for internet access(as of now) and a gre tunnel for head office

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