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    Block nondelivery to internet


    by gardnerb ·

    Does anybody know of a way to stop Exchange 5.5 from trying to send non-delivery receipts and delivery/read receipts back to an internet address? I’ve recently implemented a new firewall and part of it’s policy to prevent mail relaying is only deliver outbound mail that originates from *@ourdomainname (only from any valid internal user who has our domain name). Exchange as part of being RFC compliant sends delivery and non-delivery notices to SMTP recipients on the internet with the from field null. The firewall then blocks these attempts and the mail piles up in Exchanges outbound queue until they time out. It’s these messages I want to stop at the source.


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      Block nondelivery to internet

      by brasslet ·

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      Sorry, but you can’t stop these NDRs on the Exchange side. Exchange is, as you mention, RFC compliant and part of that complicance is sending NDRs with a <> as the source.

      Even if you stop relaying on the Exchange server, rather than rely on thefirewall to stop relaying, you will see a fair number of these NDRs in your outbound queue, especially if you don’t have a spam blocker. Most of the NDRs stuck in the outbound queue on our servers are the result of spam. The NDRs go to non-existant addresses and sit there until they time out.

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