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    Block spoofed email in Win Server 2003


    by sugus5 ·

    I have one user that is constantly receiving spoofed emails (appears to be from an old user but isn’t). Looking at the headers, show they are sent from:
    “ ([])”
    “ ([])”
    “ ([])”
    The user is a fussy person and does not want to block it using a rule and would like it to be blocked at the server.

    So, what I have done on the mail server: In the Exchange System Manager, I have added the IP address to the Deny list in Connection Filtering and then Applied the Connection Filter in the Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties. Even after a server reboot, these ‘spoofed’ emails are still being received. Is there something else I can try or a step that I have missed for this to work?

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      Reply To: Block spoofed email in Win Server 2003

      by evkuo ·

      In reply to Block spoofed email in Win Server 2003

      There might be some relay hosts involved. Check the headers again to see if it’s relayed through another host, etc. If this is true, you might not be able to do anything about it since other email might be coming through that host as well. If you have an anti-spam service, you could probably block it through there.

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