Block users by their MAC Address

By manandhar ·
Hi I want to block the unwanted users using my WiFi. I have set the WEP and others but still somehow they manage to steal my bandwidth. How can I block them by using their MAC address? Or is there any option to specify bandwidth for particular users in WLAN?

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what are you using for a router?

by dr.engnr In reply to Block users by their MAC ...

you can usually set this in your router config. I can help more if you tell me what you have.

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Your problem may be slightly closer to home ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Block users by their MAC ...

I noticed your comment of "is there any option to specify bandwidth for particular users in WLAN?" which set alarm bells ringing in my head.

If you have as you said, set a WEP but still continue to have theft of signal, BUT have other users that do have access through the WEP then you have as many 'leaks' as you have users with access to the WEP setup.

Whichever way you are losing your privacy, generally speaking a WEP system can be hacked in a matter of minutes - WPA2 would be the way to go for raising the level of security.

However the only surefire totally secure LAN is one that is wired.

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You can set it to ONLY allow your own MAC....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Block users by their MAC ...

That's much easier than trying to guess all the MAC addresses you would want to block.

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Wireless security

by Nimmo In reply to Block users by their MAC ...

WEP and MAC filtering are all good but there are a lot of well known problems associated with both techniques. I suggest you use WPA-PSK2 if possible (older wireless NIC's may not support it though)

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Wireless security fun

by cleaverx In reply to Block users by their MAC ...

These are generic steps to take to ensure reasonable security:
1) Rename the wireless network to something unique, like: "myWIFIsoSTFU" (lol)
2) Disable SSID broadcasting (can't see it, can't connect to it)
3) Change the initial address and range allowed by DHCP; example: start address:; end address:
That will allow only three connections through DHCP, also depending on the router, you may be able to block access to IP addresses outside of that range; that would allow up to two of your guests to access the internet through DHCP, as long as....
4)Like poster Nimmo suggested, switch security to WPA2, and use a strong password, say at least 12+ alphanumeric characters. That would allow you to give temporary access to any of your guests that happen to be visiting (no more than two at the time).
Now, wasn't that fun? We are so happy, we will do the dance of joy!!!! (my DLInk actually has a Guest feature, that allows me to give someone access on the fly with just a password, but it is a direct pass through to the internet, with no access to local resources)
Let us know how you make out
Best regards
The Cleaver

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