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Block web specific users and time

By dave_711 ·
Hi All!

I am an instructor in a school network with 40 workstations. We are plugged into 2 1900 switches. One of the instructors wants to block his students from Internet access from 9-12 only. My students would still need access at this time. Any suggestions on a solution to block half of the hosts from Web access at a certain time? We all use the same DNS and DHCP server (Windows 2003). I thought of turning off 1 switch but then they would lose access to the DHCP and DNS which they need for their Intranet/LAN.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to Block web specific users ...

You can make a security group and let access to internet only members of this group. Or the better solution (but this is depending of your router) you can configure the router firewall to permit internet access of specific machines only from 12 o'clock.

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by G... In reply to Block web specific users ...

Yes. I'd say firewall is the best idea. Many offers a timer for the rules. If you don't have any on your router, you may do it with a software firewall and deny access to it. I'm not sure but I think zonealarm from does that.

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by And_the_beat_goes_on In reply to Block web specific users ...

We use a software solution, Websense Enterprise Manager to block (or allow) internet access. It ties into most of the major vendors firewalls. You can block/allow by user, ip, groups, web category, protocol, etc. Not sure if your budget would allow it, but it is an excellent product. They have eval software avail on their website.

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use the Internet connection policy under windows server 2003

by arabude In reply to Block web specific users ...

Hi, if youre using a DNS/Windows Server 2003, there is a policy setting there that you can use under the internet connection, then set the time for the allowable hours of internet...I hope this will help - Allan

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