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Block Websites from being accessed by users

By acquarianblue ·

does anybody know of a solution that would help me centrally manage the websites that i wanted to be blocked from access by users in our network. im currently managing a small network and purchasing a proxy server isn't one of our options right now. windows and open source solutions are both welcome. thanks in advance for those who would share their ideas. :)

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With IE?

by seanferd In reply to Block Websites from being ...

Internet Options > Privacy > Sites...

Edit: Or use the Hosts file?

Or are you looking for something different?

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RE: With IE?

by acquarianblue In reply to With IE?

not just IE but all the browser that the user might use.

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IE sites can be worked around

by Frostyone In reply to With IE?

I am needing about the same solution(limiting users to one internet site)
I tried the IE sites trick but the user can still access other sites just not all functions work(ie. jave, flash etc) my firewall doesn't allow blocking by internal IP addresses(or I can't figure out how to)and another computer/squid/proxy server is out of bounds.

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tell me

by cholan41 In reply to Block Websites from being ...

sytem runing in dhcp server r u may provide ip add manually then tell me ,if manually na u sstop from from IE also of not dhcp na tell me

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by acquarianblue In reply to tell me

the ip addresses are assigned automatically by the dhcp server but the ips assigned are defined as restricted in dhcp server but still they could access all sites that they enter in the browser

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A quick and dirty

by Dumphrey In reply to DHCP

trick is to edit the host file on each machine so that "restricted" addresses get sent to the loopback.
This can be done by making a single master list and pushing it out to each machine.

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If you have a decent

by Dumphrey In reply to Block Websites from being ...

computer laying arround (P4 1Gb ram) then you can build a pretty good proxy through Debian, Squid, and Dans Guardian. This will also let you include clamav to scan the http stream.
You can block all but allow, or allow all but blocked.. your choice.
I would recomend WebMin to help set it all up. I guess it took me a few days to get the first working model up and running, and several days of tinkering to get it set to work right. (It kept blocking google untill you turned on google filters or explicitly allowed google (content filtering was pickin gup the smut returned in searches and blocking it all out right)).

Depending on your environment, you can force a proxy into IE through group policy, use it as a transparent proxy, or set the firewall to ONLY accept outgoing http/s traffic from the proxy.

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