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Why am I blocked from commenting on Facebook without any reason?

By FBuser ·
Hi. I am new here and I hope to get some help here. Its been a 5 days(Tuesday 26-Saturday 30 March 2019) that I am unable to comment anywhere on Facebook. According to Facebook, something called "phishing" happened and if I complete the following steps my id will be safe and secure. I did as Facebook said i.e change password and see if any of the actions done by my account were the ones I didn't do. After doing this all I was unable to comment anywhere on Facebook. Not even on my own posts. I could make posts, message anyone, like and share, join groups and send requests except commenting. I just cannot comment. I tried reporting. Reviewed community question and also asked my own. But no help. Sent mails but still no help. It's annoying. Please help me as for why is this happening? How should I remove this? What must I do?

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Facebook Security

by pandeysaurabh335 In reply to Why am I blocked from com ...

You might be spamming links
You might have posted wrong content on facebook

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Not able to comment on any post

by gracehadid123 In reply to Why am I blocked from com ...

Possibility could be that you must have commented too much on somebody else's post. Or might be sending too much request or getting attached on the groups.
This could be a possible reason.

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major reasons

by nehasynarion In reply to Why am I blocked from com ...

you are blocked on face book comment community. reasons may below-

uploaded a spamming content from you
sexual contant sharings
informal comments of any user, they can complaint and you will be block
unsecure post
and etc
please read face book guideline you will get surly answers

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Blocked from commenting

by samgord In reply to Why am I blocked from com ...

You can try clearing your cache and temporary data. or try a different web browser.

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by sexiefaerie13 In reply to Why am I blocked from com ...

So I'm having this exact issue right now. I can do everything except comment. They said I commented too much too fast. Anyhow, I'm not sure what to do about it or even how long it will last. I was wondering if you ever found out what can be done?

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