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By rpasan ·
I use Outlook Express and use Windows XP. I have used my Blocked Senders list for a long time and it is getting long. At what point should I delete the oldest ones to shorten my list or should I leave it alone. Is it taking up disk space? Some of the blocks are about 3 years old.
Any recomendations?
Thanks Ray

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Why worry, some of the spam your getting come from

by ComputerCookie In reply to Blocked Senders List

the same "Senders" you blocked 3 years ago, but they keep on using different addrresses!

If you're really worried I'd get a program that will bounce the message of the mail server as if your email address is no longer valid.

If you're worried about the size delete them all and within a week you'll have a blocked senders list about 10% the size of your current file!

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