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    Blocking certain downloads


    by bldsm ·

    I’m looking for some software (hopefully freeware) that will enable me to block one IP address on our small network from downloading video and large files. Can anyone suggest a solution please?

    We have the internet coming in through a cable modem to a belkin router wired to 4 pcs.


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      by e.park ·

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      Since it’s only one IP, you can use a bandwidth throttling program like The Lite version is only $35, and the Standard version gives you reporting capabilities for $99. If you were dealing with a larger network, or had a general problem with inappropriate or undesired WAN traffic, I’d recommend going with a linux box set up as an internet gateway.

      But then again, if it is only one user, how about having a conversation with the person and trying to educate them on the “general welfare” principle as applied to computer networking?

      I had a related problem with a user going to video game sites, but I was able to just block off the specific URLs from our network in the Linksys WRT54G config (our little wireless router).

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      by bork blatt ·

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      I’m with the previous respondent on this one. You can end up frustrated if you play a cat-and-mouse game by trying to use software to enforce business policies, as they will keep on finding ways around the software. Speaking directly to the person concerned is better.
      If the problem is that their downloads are preventing others from legitimate use of the Internet, stealing all the bandwidth, make them aware of this and ask them to respect that the facilities are provided for business use.
      If it doesn’t cost any extra and management is OK with it, you could even suggest they use a download tool to schedule the downloads to occur outside of business hours, which could solve everyone’s problems.

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      by bldsm ·

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