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Blocking Internet Access

By Erica20005 ·
How do I block Internet access (only) for a specific User

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by jschein In reply to Blocking Internet Access

Take away his dns #'s for his network settings, if it is automatically assigned by DHCP, put as primary and secondary.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Blocking Internet Access

You can try the above step. Or you can remove his default gateway. Also, if you have a small shop and are using a Linksys router or the like, you can add his MAC address of his system to the disallowed section of the Internet settings in the router settings (or IP if you use static). Note though, these options are all PC based so if the user decided to go to someone elses system he could use the Internet there.
If you want to block the user and are a MS shop, you can use Proxy 2.0 or ISA server and block him by username.

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by Mikel~T In reply to Blocking Internet Access

Logged in as the user, go to the Internet Settings Control Panel, and under Connections, hit the LAN Settings button...put in a bogus Proxy IP address, and the computer won't be able to authenticate since the server doesn't exist, and assuming they don't know how to change it, that should block their access to the internet.

Hope this helps.

Mike C.

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by jlbpotter In reply to Blocking Internet Access

If you are using Active Directory and want to do it through Group Policy just creat an OU called No Internet for example and put users in there that you don't want to have internet access. Then create a Group Policy on that OU that sends the users to a nonexistent proxy server for their internet access. You may also want to disable the connections tab in the Internet Control Panel so they can't change this. It is very simple to set up. If you have any questions email me at

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